Posts Written On November 15, 2016

Cool Holiday Gifts for Kids!

Do you have the same experience with me? At holidays, finally you could find a great time just be relaxed and hangout with your family. But there are always your cute small people will break all conversations, catching you to play with them.

I love my nephew and I enjoy playing with him. But I can’t understand why he has unlimited energy. Sometimes just makes me so exhausted.

Things turn better and better when I got good kids’ toys to him. This is the one, Fright Factory, I can’t say how much he likes it. He just puts all his concentration on it and I could get my relaxed time! And also I feel happier to see he likes the toys!

Here it is !


Fright Factory:

Fright Factory™- the disgustingly terrifying way to create all kinds of creepy creatures!

Make scary 3D creations with Fright Factory™! Use the special light curing EwwGoo™ gel to fill creepy molds and then flash them with the eerie light from the Fright Factory Creature Creator. Kids can create creepy centipedes, scary scorpions, gross spiders and more! There is no heat, no glue and no mess! Fright Factory™ uses an ultra-safe LED light to develop your creations. Gels are quick curing, non-toxic and kid friendly, making for a disgustingly terrifying good time!

Here are some other hot toys you should consider!
Gemmies (Tech 4 Kids):

Gemmies™ are the next evolution of the popular 3D beading activity craft. Following a simple Clip. Connect. Create. process, kids clip colorful Gemmies crystals to elastic rings then join completed rings to make 3D sparkling crystal creations! The included design tool and templates are intuitive and use a repetitive pattern that lets kids develop their cognitive abilities and progress to designing their own creations.



Paw Patrol Mash’emstech4kids_mashems-trans

Transformers Mash’ems

Mash’ems are a highly collectible toy that all kids will love! Hidden inside capsules, they are great for impulse buys & the thrill of a concealed mystery item. The capsule doubles as a carrying case. Kids will be able to mash’em, twist’em, squish’em & pull’em.

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Every Girl Loves It – Melissa Grunge oxfords


For a girl who loves to be pretty in everyday, the most important thing before I go out of my door is to check my today’s outfit. I want to be lady-like and girlish at the same time. I want to wear something simple as well as comfortable.

A rose pink Celine bag, what should I choose for my shoes?

High heels make you look taller and prettier, but I don’t want to wear them to walk for ten blocks.

Here comes a perfect idea when I found Melissa Grunge.


The Melissa Grunge, a 90’s inspired oxford, features a chunky sole and sober color palette for a well-tailored look with edge. The style is offered in a matte or glossy finish and four colorways: burgundy, blush, mint & black.

The 90´s are back and Melissa will live this mood again, with the new Grunge. The oxford design, inspired by the genderless trend, comes with a brand new shape, with a thick sole and a sober and candy color chart, with different options. With a classic and strong upper shape, in opaque or glossy finishing versions, this launch brings a new option of comfort, due to its super light sole and comfort insole.



As always, the shoes are made of 100% plastic, recyclable, vegan, and waterproof—perfect for fall’s unpredictable weather.



Another favorite thing about it, is I love matching different kinds of cute socks with the shoes!

It is extremely comfortable, you don’t need to take time to make the shoes fit your feet. It makes you naturally fit in!

The Melissa Grunge retails for $140 and is now available online at and in-stores at Melissa Galerias worldwide.

Link to buy:


Why Driving Lessons Can Be a Great Christmas Present

With Christmas now just around the corner, most people have Christmas presents on their minds. Finding the perfect gift can really make a loved one’s Christmas, but some people are trickier to buy for than others. However, one thing you may not have considered, unless you have a teen around the age of 17, is driving lessons.

While traditionally something you give to your own kids when they are old enough to drive, driving lessons can actually be a fantastic present for anyone in your life who doesn’t know how to drive, no matter how old they are. Whether it’s your partner, sibling, best friend or even a parent, here are some reasons to consider driving lessons as their 2016 Christmas gift:

It Can Encourage Them To Do Something They’ve Always Wanted To Do

A lot of people put off learning to drive for all sorts of reasons, and like so many other skills, from musical instruments to languages, it can end up being something where people say ‘I wish I could do that’, but never actually get around to starting to learn. If the person you have in mind has lamented not being able to drive or expressed that they would love to be able to, then buying them lessons for Christmas could give them all the encouragement they need to actually achieve it. With support from the lessons and things like this free online driving theory test practice site, they can find learning to drive easier than they imagined and gain the confidence to go all the way and get their licence.

It Is a Gift That Lasts

A lot of the time, we want to give our loved ones gifts that will last rather than consumable things. While driving lessons are, of course, consumable, the result of them will be something that improves the recipient’s life for the long term, making it a present they will remember getting for the rest of their lives. This can be an even more lasting way to show someone you care than more traditional gifts like jewellery!

The Lessons Can Make For a Fun Activity

If the person you are thinking of buying the lessons for at Christmas wants a new hobby, something to do in the evening after work or just an activity to try, then the lessons will give them something interesting to do that they can look forward to every week until they are finished. By getting them driving lessons, you are also adding some new interest to their lives that they may well really enjoy.

As a final point, even if you can’t afford to buy a course of lessons, even a single taster lesson could be a good gift that may give them the confidence they need to take up driving lessons for themselves, so whatever your budget, why not think about buying a loved one the gift of driving for Christmas 2016, for all of these benefits and more!