Posts Written On November 06, 2016

Jewels of Ocean

A fine jewelry would be the best gift for the lady who you love. Jewels of Ocean definitely has the one she would like! The designer has spent decades of his time turning gold, precious and semi precious stone into iconic pieces. The design of jewelry can be lost today due to mass production of jewelry. The designer preserves the artistic soul of each piece and involve the entire fabrication process, ensuring that the original idea survives. He takes time to create each piece with technical work to forge approximately 300 connections between each metal, each of which must be neatly positioned and then hidden behind precious and royal gems. He strives to create jewelry in the same spirit that master craftsman of centuries before did in honor of royalty and artisans of the past.

The technical brilliance needed to turn the wildest flights of fantasy into bejewelled reality. Jewels of Ocean’s workshops has its own considerable design resources which have only been used for the most selective connoisseurs.

Nevertheless, every part of the creative process is vigilantly supervised, reflecting a philosophy that every detail must be submitted to the beauty of the final jewel.

Here are some of his collections.clip_image002