The perfect gift for the loved ones you miss!

The coming holidays give you the chance to visit those you haven’t seen in a while. For those that don’t get to spend quality time with their loved ones, you can still show your love & appreciation with KindNotes. KindNotes is the perfect gift to leave a memorable mark in the sweetest of ways.

unnamedSend Some Love with KindNotes

As excited as most of us are for fall, there’s some loved one we won’t get to see during the break.

With KindNotes, you are able to show the ones you miss the most, just how much you care. You can reassure them in 31 different ways that they are always going to be loved and always going to have you to turn to.

KindNotes will be a daily reminder of support. You can choose from ready-made messages or personalize each note and they all come in a beautifully decorated jar that any one would proudly display.


Features of KindNotes:

  • 31 themed messages inside classy linen envelopesunnamed-1
  • A large library of pre-printed messages to choose from
  • Can personalize notes and create custom designs
  • To be opened each day or anytime the recipient wants to feel the love
  • The many mini envelopes fill up a decorated jar
  • KindNotes featured on The Today Show, The Huffington Post,, Woman’s World, SheKnows, among others.

KindNotes is a gift that’s being spread across the globe. People around the world are able to share 31 moments of joy with those they care about. Imagine feeling that love 31 times, at any time!

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