Fairest of Fall from Angela Roi

Anya Cross-body from Angela Roi, a luxury vegan handbag brand, named after the princess ‘Anya Smith’, a regal royal rebel from the Roman Holiday, this luxury has been available to customers this September. Anya will have every rich fall hue like Plum, Stone, Olive & Black.


  • Rich delicate details
  • Smooth and sturdy exterior
  • Modern regal demeanor
  • Finest fall friend
  • Premium animal-friendly materials
  • Crafted by skilled artisans


About Angela Roi:

Created on the foundation of kindness, values and love, Angela Roi is an ethical luxury handbag brand. The year 2013 marked the birth of their cherished brand that was brought to existence for a very important reason close to the founders and by the means they felt most passionately towards: to bring virtue to the world with the splendor of fashion.

At Angela Roi, the belief is that the goodness of people has the calibre to alter the world for the better. In addition to the grandeur of luxury, they hope to pave a path of altruism. With passion, creativity and innovation it is not only possible to progress as a brand but promisingly make their planet a kinder place.

For more information, you may check via https://www.angelaroi.com/.

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