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The Armory Show announced today the Presents Booth Prize, a new initiative recognizing an outstanding and innovative gallery presentation within the Presents section of the fair. The Presents Booth Prize is generously supported in its inaugural year by Athena Art Finance. Presents brings together the most exciting young galleries from around the world, showcasing new work by emerging artists through solo-artist and dual-artist presentations.

The winner of the inaugural prize will be selected by an international jury of curators and collectors during the 2017 fair and awarded a prize of $10,000. “Promoting young galleries and nurturing their growth is central to The Armory Show’s new vision,” says Benjamin Genocchio, Executive Director of The Armory Show.

“This initiative came out of conversations we had with galleries around the world who expressed the need for greater financial support in participating. We want to help make it possible for them to do the fair and we are thrilled to offer this prize, which will help cover a gallery’s cost of participation, in partnership with Athena Art Finance.”

Members of the Presents Booth Prize Jury:

  • Renee Drake, collector, the Netherlands
  • Massimiliano Gioni, Artistic Director, New Museum, New York
  • Ruba Katrib, Curator, SculptureCenter, Long Island City
  • Alain Servais, collector, Brussels
  • Carole Server, collector, New York

The Presents section has continued to expand in size each year since its introduction in 2014. The Presents section received a record number of applications this year and will increase its number of exhibiting galleries from 22 in 2016 to 31 for 2017.

As part of The Armory Show’s new vision of fostering young galleries and staging ambitious projects, the Presents Advisory Panel was established to oversee and guide the direction of this growing section of the fair. Panel members are: Augusto Arbizo, 11R, New York; Philippe Charpentier, mor charpentier, Paris; and Jessica Silverman, Jessica Silverman Gallery, San Francisco.

“As a company we support the art market through financing solutions. We are pleased to give back to the community in partnership with The Armory Show through sponsoring the Armory’s-first-ever-Booth Prize for young galleries. It is an expression of our commitment to strengthening the landscape of galleries globally,’’ says Andrea Danese, Chief Executive Officer of Athena Art Finance.

Athena Art Finance, a New York-based global specialty art lender, will be joining The Armory Show as a lead sponsor for the second consecutive year. Athena’s support for the Presents Booth Prize marks an expanded partnership with the fair and the first ever prize for exhibiting galleries in The Armory Show’s history.


Beauty up for Thursday event!


I am going to drawing night event at Society of Illustrators tonight. What kind of makeup should I have? I am really fall in love to INGLOT right now, these are what I used.amc-pure-pigment-eye-shadow-80


  • Price: $16.00
  • Retailers:, INGLOT flagship stores, Macy’s stores and



  • Price: $18.00
  • Retailers:, INGLOT flagship stores, Macy’s stores and

Go to find your beauty stuffs at INGLOT and run to your parties tonight!


PHASE 2 ANNOUNCE! The 9th Annual Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival



BEMF’s goal is to showcase the music and creative community intertwined with Brooklyn’s electronic music scene, and highlight its place in the global community. The ever changing milieu of Brooklyn, the influence it wields given its place in one of the world’s most exciting and dynamic major cities and the rapidly changing landscape of American dance music, provide BEMF a unique position to foster a dialogue around dance music that extends beyond any dancefloor or Borough delineation.

2016 offers unique collaborations and partnerships including a continued media partnership with THUMP, a Deviation showcase with label head and BBC Radio host Benji B, parties from NYC promoters Bunker and more.

BEMF’s venue partners include some of the Borough’s most reputable spaces, including Output, Analog BKNY, Good Room, The Knockdown Center, Trans-Pecos and Music Hall of Williamsburg.

BEMF is excited to bring you our Phase 2 lineup, including:

Partnering with multi-disciplinary creative hub Trans-Pecos to host South African artist and NON Records Co-Founder Angel-Ho. In alignment with this focus on non-traditional venues, BEMF has announced our 11/11 showcase at an undisclosed underground venue featuring Levon Vincent, Joey Anderson, and Mary Yuzovskaya.

As a continuation of our cross-medium, culturally entrenched programming BEMF has created the TRANSFERENCE series in collaboration with Sam Hillmer and RVNG at The Knockdown Center. New this year, TRANSFERENCE offers three nights of electronic music fused with visual arts practice with uniquely choreographed, audio-visual experiences like Airport Music for Black Folks featuring NON Record’s Chino Amobi choreographed by Richard Kennedy, Diamond Terrifier Cipher with Don Devore and Michael Beharie, Breadwoman with Anna Homler & Jorge Martin, plus standalone performances by RAMZi, Gobby, Greg Fox, DJ’s Nina and Nicely, Suzi Analogue/VHVL, Ben Vida, and Tristan Perich.

Full lineup:

Anna Homler & Jorge Martin: Breadwoman * Amtrac * Angel-Ho * Asquith * Barnt * Ben Sims * Ben Vida * Benji B * Chino Amobi * Danny Daze * Diamond Terrifier Cipher w/ Don Devore & Michael Beharie * DJ’s Nina and Nicely * DJ Qu * Function * Greg Gow * Gobby * Greg Fox * Gunnar Haslam * Honey Dijon * Infinity Ink * Jey Kurmis * Jimmy Edgar * Joey Anderson * Jon Fay * Jubilee * Justin Cudmore * Kerri Chandler * Kidnap Kid * King Britt * Levon Vincent * Mary Yuzovskaya * Mike Servito * RAMZi * Roisin Murphy * Route 8 (Live) * Silent Servant * The Black Madonna * Tristan Perich* Truncate * Turtle Bugg

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Halloween Story: Last minute costume shortcuts

Reusing Halloween costumes or pieces that have been tucked away for some time might need a quick dewrinkle job. Instead of wasting time filling your iron with water, waiting for it to heat up, and then the process of actually ironing your items. You can simply use Downy Wrinkle Releaser and spray your costume, wait a couple minutes which gives you time to finish your accessories or make up, and it will be done!product-family

Eliminating creases in clothing used to require heating cast iron over a fire. Then technology advanced and today irons have settings for steaming and even cool pressing fabrics. But, the time has come to ditch this outdated appliance altogether. The new and improved Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus makes releasing wrinkles from fabric as easy as delivering a renewing spritz of the fabric-relaxing spray. It is the new iron.

bottle-lgDowny Wrinkle Releaser Plus works to eliminate wrinkles by coating fabric fibers with silicone that allows them to relax and slide apart instead of being frozen in a crease. Simply spray, tug, smooth and hang, then allow fabric to dry for a crisp, fresh smelling and wrinkle-free look in minutes. Taking time out a busy work and family schedule to visit the dry cleaner or set up an ironing board to press a laundry basket full of crinkled garments is no longer necessary. In a pinch, Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus can be spritzed on clothes while running out the door for a wrinkle free look by the time the office door is reached.

In addition to its ability to reduce wrinkles in clothes, Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus can be used as a quick-fix solution to remove creases from pillowcases, bed sheets, drapery, tablecloths, cloth napkins, ribbons on holiday decorations and many other household items. A quick spritz from Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus can also remove odors and freshen up furniture, pet beds and infant car seats just to name a few. For those who still want to iron, it serves as a better ironing aid than water without the residue of starch. And in a fashion emergency, Downy Wrinkle Release Plus can even save the day by eliminating static cling.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus is sold at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Kroger, Publix and many other grocery, drug, and mass retailers. Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus is sold in a 1-liter bottle for $6.99 and a 500 mL bottle for $4.19. It is also available in a travel-friendly 3-ounce size for $1.99.

For more information visit



Best 5 Fragrance for the Holidays

Fall time means scarves, boots, pumpkin spice lattes and new perfume! Time to put away your citrusy summer scents and delve into the rich fall scents of Alaia and Ferragamo.

This November, Alaïa Parfums is launching Alaïa Eau de Parfum Blanche, which comes in a gorgeous clear bottle with a metallic gold top. Carla Sozzani, Marie Salamagne, Martin Szekely, Paolo Roversi  which mobilized itself around the designer for Eau de parfum   blanche,maintaining the same concern for precision and rigor. “In this new adventure,” Marie explains, “I aimed for a white,milky florality, a bit more solar, adding a powdery element,as well as the wealth of vanilla and a musky addition, in a timeless creation.” 

Etui et flacon EDP Blanche 100ml_Fd_blanc.indd_300CMYK

New Men’s Scent:

Salvatore Ferragamo UOMO launched in mid- September. It is a unique gourmand fragrance with notes of black pepper, tiramisu, sandalwood, and tonka bean.


Alaïa Paris also has some wonderful ancillaries which make amazing luxe gifts. The newest additions for the season are a scented Body Cream and a Candle.


Salvatore Ferragamo has a limited edition Signorina in Rosso launching for the holiday season. The juice is that of Signorina EDP, but the limited edition bottle is red with gold accents- very festive. The bright fizzy notes of currant spiced by fresh pink pepper bring their joyful, cheeky character to the naturality green vegetal notes. A generous dewy petalcy made of fresh and elegant jasmine,rosy peony and the chic femininity of rose offers a creative floralcy.The unexpected and delicate sweetness of pannacotta together with soft musks and intriguing woody patchouli notes offer a racy Italian elegance and an unexpected addictiveness.
Olfactive Family: Floriental Fruity
Perfurmers: Sophie Labbé, Juliette Karagueuzoglou (IFF)


1.7oz Eau de Parfum Spray- SRP $87.00Available in November Exclusively at Lord & Taylor



Holiday gift from INGLOT for your loved ones!

cristina-ruales-makeup-2Here are the best gifts for your most beautiful girls for this coming holiday. Lipsticks matte, eyeshadow and lip tint matte are never bad choices, especially from a wonderful beauty brand.

INGLOT Company was established over 30 years ago by Wojtek Inglot, a young chemist working at that time in R&D department in a pharmaceutical company. His principal objective was to produce high quality products at fair and reasonable prices, using only the best possible ingredients and raw materials from the most reputable suppliers.

All INGLOT cosmetics are produced within the European Union and 95% of them are manufactured in our own state of art production facilities. They work with make-up artists and color consultants to bring the latest trends in color, texture and form to the market. They are constantly developing new products and have just launched the world’s first ever Breathable Nail Enamel ensuring better health care for nails whilst enhancing their beauty. Their unique Freedom System allows customers to experiment with countless shades and color combinations of different face products, giving them the opportunity to create their own customized color palette.

They are present in over 600 retail locations worldwide.

screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-12-31-45-amAMC PURE PIGMENT EYE SHADOW

INGLOT’s AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow is a highly-concentrated, loose colored powder that provides a range of effects—from subtle to ultra-intense—depending on the desired application. This hypoallergenic product contains both sponge gourd oil and nearly 90% pure pigment for high impact color. Moreover, these loose powders can be mixed with INGLOT’s hero product, DURALINE, to create liquid forms of all shadows. Please note: Pigments are sold by weight, not volume. Containers can appear to be less than full due to settling of the product.
amc-pure-pigment-eye-shadow-24 amc-pure-pigment-eye-shadow-114

Additional Information:

  • Available in 62 shades
  • Price: $16.00
  • Retailers:, INGLOT flagship stores, Macy’s stores and



INLGLOT’s new HD Lip Tint Matte is a lip product that provides full coverage with a silky matte finish. Both smudge- and transfer-resistant, this unique product ensures a long-lasting effect not seen with traditional lip tints. With a doe-foot sponge to make for an easier and more seamless application, the HD Lip Tint Matte is available in a wide array of intense colors—ranging from subtle nudes to classic reds and darker statement shades—to complement all skin tones.

All INGLOT’s HD products contain HD pigments. Ideal for everyday use, these products may also be used for filming in high definition, ensuring the face looks flawless even on a big screen.

hd-lip-tint-matte-11 hd-lip-tint-matte-12


Additional Information:

  • Available in 10 shades
  • Price: $18.00
  • Retailers:, INGLOT flagship stores, Macy’s stores and

screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-12-32-02-amLIPSTICK MATTE

INLGLOT’s Lipstick Matte is the perfect opaque super matte lipstick for any occasion. Vitamin E, macadamia oil, and avocado oil moisturize and nourish the lips. Long lasting formula provides the ideal matte, smooth, even finish.

Additional Information:

  • Available in 33 shades
  • Price: $15.00
  • Retailers:, INGLOT flagship stores, Macy’s stores and