Posts Written On October 24, 2016

Cali Style: Savi Style Activewear

The story of SAVI STYLE™ is about two up-and-coming entrepreneurs demonstrating their passion by fully pursuing a concept and vision given all the challenges it presents.

Terry Leon (first generation Mexican) and Iris Lopez (first generation Salvadoran) sought out to achieve the American Dream and didn’t let any roadblocks get in the way. They both grew up in southern California, graduated from college, and both have their daily jobs. Even though buried with living expenses, student loans, and their own weddings in 2016 – they wanted more with their careers.

Now Terry and Iris are entrepreneurs, founding SAVI STYLE over 6 months ago and their first product to market is SAVI SLEEK™, a fashionable and functional hair tie bracelet for all occasions. SAVI SLEEK is a stunning bracelet that holds your hair tie while looking seamless and comfortable for whatever life throws your way. It transforms a very important necessity into a beautiful accessory.

“Becoming an entrepreneur is such a surreal thing given all the challenges of starting your own company and developing a product.” said Terry Leon (Founder). “I even used the Airbnb platform to rent out personal space to raise money for development and prototyping.”

SAVI SLEEK is launching November 2nd and will have deals available that deliver in time for the holiday season.

“Our lives seem to get busier and busier so finding the time to develop an ideal brand and product absorbed all of our so-called “free time” as it took late nights, early mornings, and the weekends in order to launch this November.” said Terry. “The past six months have been a blur and we’re confident it will all pay off with a successful launch. We know the work won’t stop and we’re really excited to interact with our customers”.

SAVI SLEEK was developed with clean lines, perfect angles, and a minimalist approach. It provides the flexibility that allows you to place your arm on any surface without the risk of pain or discomfort as the bracelet molds to your body. SAVI SLEEK is safe, made of medical grade silicon that provides water and sweat proof protection. All made in the USA.

“We want SAVI SLEEK to be a part of you, your second skin, and to bring fashion to your everyday necessity.” said Terry Leon.

Now that’s a breath of fresh air to hear about an inspiring story of two young women who had the drive to accomplish so much given the challenges every entrepreneur faces towards achieving the true American Dream!

The SAVI SLEEK Bracelet will launch November 2 on Kickstarter and available for preorder at

Retail price: $19.99.

SAVI STYLE ( provides fashionable chic designs with functionality for activewear accessories. Designing for the active lifestyle woman who led an active lifestyle. Whether working out, at home, at work or out with family and friends.

The company is headquartered in Orange County, CA and distributes its products in the US and selective international countries.  For more information on SAVI STYLE, visit us at Stay up to date with the latest products and events and on Instagram – @thesavistyle.


Your Daily Serving of Broccoli

If you spent an obnoxious amount of time at the dinner table staring down at your plate of broccoli as a kid, you’re not alone. If this vegetable still hasn’t grown on you – don’t eat it – but slather it on your face!

A potent antioxidant, broccoli extract protects skin from UV rays and free-radical damage. Believe it or not, some research has shown its powerful enough to serve as a mild sunscreen! This green ingredient is also loaded with fatty acids, making it super hydrating without being greasy.


Find this green flower in Mad Hippie’s Antioxidant Facial Oil. In addition to broccoli, this facial oil is formulated with over 18 actives and antioxidants to fight signs of aging and protect against photo-aging. By leaving out harmful chemicals, parabens, synthetic color and fragrance, it is the most natural way to moisturize!mad_hippie_-_main_product_images_-_antioxidant_facial_oil_7e496b09-aaf5-4fee-a1af-b8569a7dcec0_grande

Ingredient Highlights:

Organic Argan Oil – Providing instant, non-comedogenic hydration to the skin while naturally occurring triterpenoids work to reduce the appearance of scars & inflammation.  Containing over 80% essential fatty acids, as well as naturally occurring vitamin E, this exotic oil works to moisturize & revitalize the skin.

Sea Buckthorn Berry – This berry native to the Tibetan Himalayas, is rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, P, carotenoids, flavonoids, phenols, folic acid & fatty acids. In fact, the buckthorn berry is the only plant in the world to contain omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 all together.

Blueberry Extract – This superfruit is rich in antioxidants including vitamins A & C that help protect the skin by neutralizing aging free radicals.

Pomegranate Oil – Potent antioxidant that is a high source of ellagic acid, a polyphenol believed to  mediate the effects of ultraviolet rays & even skin tone.

Camu Camu Berry – Amazonian berry with 30x the vitamin C of an orange.

Broccoli Extract – A recent study at John Hopkins found that broccoli extract applied topically reduced UV induced redness & inflammation by an average of 37%.  This is thought to be a result of the sulforaphane found in broccoli.

Raspberry Seed Extract – High in vitamin E, vitamin A, ellagic acid, and omega fatty acids 3 & 6.  Raspberry seed extract helps neutralize aging free radicals and reduce the effects of photoaging.

Strawberry Extract – Another antioxidant-rich berry, Strawberry extract has been shown to offer some protection against photoaging.

Goji Berry – Containing 18 vital amino acids, zinc, selenium, phosphorus and vitamins B1, B2, B6, C & E, goji berries provide the skin with essential nutrients and antioxidants. In fact, the superfruit contains more beta carotene than carrots, and even more iron than spinach.

Hemp Seed Extract –  Rich in omegas 3, 6 & 9, as well as antioxidants, hemp seed oil provides the skin with instant moisturizing and protective benefits.

Grape Seed Extract – One of nature’s most potent antioxidants, works neutralize aging free radicals and inhibit photoaging.

Sunflower Seed Oil –  Rich in vitamins A, D & E, as well as essential fatty acids, sunflower seed oil has natural moisturizing and soothing properties.

The Antioxidant Facial Oil is $24.99 and available