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Introducing New ALL CAPS – More Than Just Your Average Shower Cap!

All Caps is the first-ever multi-function hair protection tool to preserves hair while you shower, sleep and spa!

This isn’t your average shower cap … it’s the only cap that will extend the time, money and effort spent on your hair.

Think about all the blow-outs, coloring, treatments and more that go to waste!


Here’s what makes it so unique:

  • Preserves hair overnight – no need for a full re-do!
  • Treatment tool for hair masks
  • Protection cap during spray tansspa treatments, steam/sauna, and skincare routines
  • Deliberately crafted to be delicate on hair – a market FIRST! – leaving room for all types of hair
  • Adjustable to head circumference and hair length
  • Reversible – Outside is a soft, hypoallergenic, waterproof PUL fabric
  • Inside is a static-reducing satin spandex material with an adjustable microfiber terry band
  • Travel-friendly with small, easy-to-store pouch
  • Comfortable on ears and will not leave an imprint on your forehead
  • Machine washable
  • CPIAS certified and handmade in California


When All Caps comes off, your hair is as beautiful and styled as when you put it on – there should be no signs that there was a cap on your hair or head (impressive, right?)

So forget those “chic” looking shower caps and say hello to the latest must-have beauty tool and your hair’s new best friend!


All Caps is simple to use: place it on your forehead, sweep your hair into the cap; adjust for head size and hair length to ensure your hair is completely protected. The new cap is available for $52 on and

For more information, please visit


About All Caps

In a world of chaotic schedules and demands, working moms, Dani Guard and Jessica Rowell-Greenfield wanted to make women feel prettier while making lives easier. In 2014, All Caps was founded as a solution for women who want to extend the time spent on their hair. Since its introduction, All Caps has innovated the hair and beauty industry with the first-ever cap that protects and maintains hair in the shower, during sleep and at the spa.


Look Like A Model On The Runway With Dermalogica!

Want to look like a model? Well, now, at least you can get one step closer by achieving the gorgeous glowing skin spotted all over the runway with Dermalogica!

Combatting oily skin with oils — now, isn’t that quite the concept?! Well, thanks to the NEW oil from Dermalogica®, Phyto Replenish Oil, it’s the truth — you can achieve a luminous, healthy-looking glow by using an oil product! See below for details (product information and “Dewy Skin DIY”).

unnamed NEW Dermalogica® Phyto Replenish Oil ($75.00 at authorized Dermalogica® spa, salons and skin centers nationwide, Ulta Beauty, Bluemercury and; LAUNCHED SEPTEMBER 1ST):

It might not take a village to achieve healthy, glowing skin, but Dermalogica® has assembled an army of ingredients to comprise new Phyto Replenish Oil. This feather-light facial oil strengthens and restores the skin’s natural protective barrier, shields against environmental stressors, smooths visible lines, and locks in critical moisture for all-day dewy skin. Comprised of plant-based active ingredients, Phyto Replenish Oil can be used daily to restore depleted lipids and deliver a healthy, luminous glow.unnamed-1

Dewy Skin FaceFit Step by Step DIY (achieve the dew at home via an at-home spa experience!):

  • Apply 4-6 drops of Phyto Replenish Oil in the palm of one hand. Press hands together to spread the product evenly, turn one hand and swipe to spread. Lightly press the oil onto the face, beginning at the forehead, then cheeks, nose, chin and neck. Spread put to hairline.
  • Forehead Wrinkle Release: Place fingertips together in the middle of the forehead with hands and elbows out, press firmly. Next glide with fingers together with slight pressure to the temples, press and release. Repeat 3 times. This helps to smooth and relax the muscles and improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles brought on by stress.
  • Frown smoother and eye energizer: Using your middle or index finger, press between the brows on the 3rd eye and stroke over the brows around the eyes returning to the center. Next still using your finger, move in an S shape to release and soften the muscle between the brows. This is where we see frown lines or what we call the 11s. Glide around the eyes again, return to center and repeat the press, glide and drain. Now repeat the S movement.  Perform this sequence 4 times in total, alternating between presses and S’s. This is a fantastic movement to reduce puffiness, alleviate headaches, eye strain and sinus pain and enhance skin glow and health.
  • Three Point Press: Using your index or middle finger press either side of the nostril, release and slide to the glow point under the lower cheek bone and press. Glide towards the ear and press in the hollow just in front of the ear. These key pressure points may feel a little tender but help to encourage circulation and detoxification the skin while boosting inner skin radiance.
  • Lift and Loosen Jaw: With flat fingers, starting at the center of the shin, massage out along the jawline with small upward circles. When you reach to just below the ear, press and drain down the side of neck with your fingers open towards the collarbone. Repeat 3 times. This helps to release stress and tension in the jaw, increases lymphatic drainage and improves skin tone and circulation.
  • Now say hello to your vibrant, energized dewy skin!

New all-natural, single serve masks from 7th Heaven

Clean Up Mud Mask – features nature’s most efficacious ingredients to naturally target problem and breakout prone areas as well as uneven skin tone.  Key ingredients include a special blend of Aloe Vera, Willow, Evening Primrose and Witch Hazel.  Simply use it once a week to supplement your daily cleansing routine to keep skin pristine and more resistant to future breakouts.


Exfoliator & Masque–  brightens and rejuvenates dull skin.  It’s bursting with natural resurfacing ingredients, including dead sea salt, grated orange peel and ground black lava, which sweeps away dead skin cells, revs up circulation and refreshes – all with the uplifting aroma of natural orange oil.


Both masks are only $1.99 for each single serve pouch.


That’s why her hair’s so big, it’s full of secrets…

If you’re a Bachelorette fan, we can all agree that every episode left us wanting more. We can also probably agree that JoJo Fletcher looks flawlessconstantly, regardless if she’s in a firefighter outfit or ballroom gownAnd, guess what? We know her secret…




And it’s attainable for us all – the Hot Tools 1/4” Gold Curling Iron is JoJo’s go-to hair tool for her signature style! You know her gorgeous, loose waves that always look untouched? Now you can achieve that look for yourself (you’re welcome).



Hot Tools 1 ¼” Gold Curling Iron ($49.99, Ulta/

Create waves, curls or volume to any type of hair. Patented Pulse Technology senses and restores heat for constant, even styling. The 24K gold plated barrel speeds up the circulation of heat and helps with heat recovery.



David’s Bridal S17 Preview


This was definitely the most beautiful day I have recently. Drink a cup of coffee and hangout with these pretty brides!

David’s Bridal host their 2017 Spring preview at midtown Manhattan, New York. Wonder by Jenny Packham and cheers Cynthia Rowley collection.




The jumpsuit is my favorite!



Also has the cute ones for your little angels.


Beautiful details.




Wonderful moment to capture these fairies on my paper!



Want to know more about David’s Bridal, click here,