Posts Written On October 08, 2016

Solo exhibiton “Miotsukushi” by Aya Kakeda.


Pronounced as “Mi-O-Tsu-Ku-Shi” in Japanese, it means signs indicating the route for ferries and ships.
When a harbor is opened in an area, such as the mouth of the river, there are shallow areas because of by the deposition of sediment. There are high risk of stranding and many sailing is not possible location for the boat (ship). Mio-tsukushi is signs which navigable boats to route (area called “Mio”) which water depth is deeper for the boats to sail safe. “Mio-tsukushi” signs are installed side-by-side at the boundary between the place “Mio”, it showed the route.


“Miotsukushi are ancient Japanese signs which are built in the river or sea near the land. They are built in dangerous areas and direct ships to sail safely and avoid grounding.
For this exhibition I created creatures that lives in between the safe and dangerous world that lays beneath the Miotsukushi. This is the first exhibition in NY for which I focused mostly on sculptures.” – Aya Kakeda


Aya Kakeda was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.  Now she draws and creates imaginative worlds in Brooklyn, NY. She has produced art for books, products, magazines, posters, and store installations from clients all over the world.
Her work was presented by NIKE, Delta, Disney Hyperion Books, KidRobot, The New York Times, The New Yorker Magazine, Runners World, Nickelodeon, Noggin TV, Plan Sponsors Magazine, Men’s Journal, Roger la Borde, Macy’s, and HongKong Mega Mall.


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