Posts Written On September 08, 2016

Back to School Kitchen Gadgets: Yay or Nay

I am a huge fan of kitchen gadgets and become completely mesmerized with infomercials explaining them. So it is no surprise that I have a bunch of items in my kitchen now that promises to do the impossible. Whether it will make your life easier, or just take up more shelf space. Check out my list below and what I thought! This might help you in your decision making.

  1. Clever Cutter $17.99

+ I thought this was a cool gadget for parsley, cilantro or sausages

– …but it didn’t really work and it sucks, don’t buy it

2. Avalon Air Fyer $120 


+ Totally convenient, compact and a microwave with oven technology basically

– Still trying to figure out the exact times and temperature but otherwise I love it!

3. Magic Opener $19.50

+ Great for opening all sorts of items like cans, bottles, even water bottles without damaging your manicure

– Large and bright designs might not fit your kitchen’s aesthetic



New York Fashion Week – Denibi Utopia Collection was invited to attend Denibi’s New York Fashion Week runway show yesterday.

The new collection named Utopia.

denibi-ss17-3 denibi-ss17-1

Collection notes:

“The main inspiration of the brand came from the single ebony wood mask named Nostalgia. That is our main source of inspiration. Its minimalism, its meaning and its aesthetic is what developed our entire collection. Nostalgia is also the first piece of art that we ever made.”


About the brand:

Denibi is a fashion house born and based in Barcelona. We specialize in high quality leather goods, ready-to-wear, and furniture inspired by the city of Barcelona, the essence of traveling, African heritage and minimalism.

The name “Denibi” symbolizes a utopia for creatives. An island never damaged or influenced by any negative foreign interference. Where creatives are able to push themselves to the fullest of their artistic abilities in the comfort of like minds and limitless possibility.  That concept is what we know today as the future. Denibi has been preparing the future for years to bring fine taste and minimalism through design. The architecture and aesthetic of the island is represented through the many tones of pastel colors and whites throughout each collection.


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All illustrations are credited by Yueming Qu, photographs by Dan Lecca.