Posts Written On September 01, 2016

Baggage You Won’t Mind Losing

SA security checks, rushing to your gate – and possibly the crying baby in 42B aside – it’s the chilly cabin temps and long hours spent up in the air that can cause some turbulence for your skin. And if the airline loses your luggage?

Scan 299

Those under eye bags aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Unless you have BioRepublic’s Lost Baggage Under Eye Emergency Repair Masks tucked away in your carry-on.


Two under eye patches deliver a restorative infusion of peptides, elastin, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, all while packing in over half a bottle of revitalizing serum into every mask. Lost Baggage is made from 100% pure biocellulose hydrogel material, which is known for its ability to absorb and lock in moisture, making them a power-packed pair that offers an express, luxurious treatment for all skin types. Apply for just 15-20 minutes and you’ll have dewy, hydrated skin coming into your final destination.



DS Laboratories Debuts on

We all know that Target is the destination for beauty finds at prices worth discovering. Well, I’m pleased to announce that DS Laboratories has officially launched on! DS Laboratories is proud to introduce their cutting-edge solutions that help both men and women achieve beautiful, fuller looking hair. Each product is formulated with advanced technology to maximize the appearance of hair while transforming it to be stronger than ever before. Kiss flat, lifeless hair goodbye with a click of a button. You’re on your way to bigger, better, more healthy hair with DS Laboratories.





DS Laboratories Revita Shampoo and Revita.COR Conditioner is trusted by medical professionals and consumers alike as a highly effective hair stimulant. The cutting-edge formulations are designed to stimulate hair while protecting existing hair from falling and thinning, resulting in longer, thicker, fuller looking hair. ($29.99/



unnamed-2DS Laboratories Spectral.DNC-N is a hair stimulating topical solution for men and women with beginning/early stages of thinning hair. This lightweight treatment will be leaving you with healthy hair and scalp vitality. ($24.99/




unnamed-3DS Laboratories Spectral.F7 prevents stress-induced hair shedding. This formula tackles thinning hair all while improving hair and scalp health ($39.99/





unnamed-4DS Laboratories Spectral.DNC-S is a reactive therapy, hair stimulating serum for men and women with advanced corrective needs. With an abundance of natural compounds that perform through complementary pathways, you will be left with fuller looking hair. ($39.99/



unnamed-6DS Laboratories Spectral.CSF ($24.99/ is a hair stimulating topical specifically designed with a lighter touch for women to strengthen hair fiber and density for longer, stronger, thicker looking hair.




unnamed-1DS Laboratories Dandrene ($29.99/ Dandruff is one of those things that can ruin a day; it leads to visible flakes in the hair, oiliness, and irritation. DS Laboratories introduced Dandrene, a shampoo that will not disappoint. Dandrene combats flakes and offers a fast and effective solution to greasy dandruff on hair and clothing, irritated and itchy red scalp, oiliness, and fungal odor. It is time combat dandruff for once and all!