Look on the Bright Side: Valentina’s Naturals

We all have stressful days – whether you’re going through a breakup, feeling overwhelmed at work or there’s just too much to do in so little time. No matter how bad your day is going, the Sunny Outlook Collection by Valentina’s Naturals is infused with mandarin, lemon and ginger scents to lift your spirits and bring a smile to your face!

 Every morning you walk out that door, your mood will largely determine how the rest of your day goes. Greet any situation with a smile and it’s bound to turn out better. Be your own sunshine. This will help.

The Sunny Outlook Collection by Valentina’s Naturals includes Bath Salts, Hydrating Massage & Body Oil, Natural Body Mist and Perfume Oil.


unnamed Bath Salts 


Sprinkle a handful into a warm tub and create your own transformative bath-time rituals.


Price: $3.50, available online via www.valentinashomebrewed.com.

unnamed-1 Hydrating Body & Massage Oil


Deeply moisturizing and yet quickly absorbed, our body oil is a great post-bath or shower ritual for morning or night.


Price: $14, available online via www.valentinashomebrewed.com.

 unnamed-1 Refreshing Body Mist


A light and refreshing moisturizing body mist made from the simplest natural ingredients. Indulge in a few spritzes before you get dressed each morning – it’s a great way to carry your intentions with you throughout the day!


Price: $12, available online via www.valentinashomebrewed.com.

 unnamed Perfume Oil


Naturally free from harmful chemicals, petroleum-based artificial fragrances and drying alcohol, this little perfume roller lets you stay focused on your highest intentions all day long.


Price: $14, available online via www.valentinashomebrewed.com.

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