End Your Dry Skin Problems With These Simple Solutions

Skincare is big business. There are so many ways the skin can let us down. It can get greasy, itchy, red, or dry. And all of that can occur in the same month! This is why there are so many great skincare products out there right now. Nobody wants to suffer the embarrassment of problem skin. After all, the flawless look is so hot right now.


When you suffer greasy skin that is prone to breakouts, there is a temptation to over-treat it. Most oily skin problems on the face occur because of hormone changes. A change in diet or some hormone treatments from your doctor may help you in this case. Using strong pimple creams will simply dry out the skin. And if your skin is no longer in its teenage years, you could be damaging it.


When skin has dried out, it’s important to rehydrate quickly. The longer it stays dry, the more damage can occur. It is more prone to burning in the sun and wind. It may flake and crack, causing sores and even infections. Then you’ll be left with redness and itching on top of everything else. Start by upping your water intake and reducing your use of water on the skin affected.


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You should use a moisturizing cleanser with a soft cosmetic pad. Then try to tone with something that is alcohol-free, like a micellar water. Cut down on the foundations that contain blemish balms unless they are designed for sensitive skin. As the irritation reduces, consider adding a gentle facial scrub to your weekly skincare routine. This will remove the dead, flaky skin cells and let the healthier cells breathe.


Dry skin can be a problem on the delicate lip area too. Only three skin layers deep, lips are vulnerable to chapping from the sun and the wind. Use something like a NYX soft matte lip cream rather than a stronger lip gloss that can sting and irritate. Be sure to dab-dry the area with a clean towel when you brush and floss. This will prevent any toothpaste or whitening treatment residue from upsetting your lip area.


Feet suffer from dryness more than most other parts of the body. In the summer you want your feet to look silky soft in your sandals. Don’t be so shy you avoid a pedicure, though. These can be very helpful when it comes to restoring the balance of your skin, especially around the toes. At home, you can soak them in an oil based bath. When they are dry, gently buff away the dead skin cells. Moisturize daily for the best results.


Gorgeous legs are always well moisturised. These are the best parts of your body to apply oil-based moisture. Baby oil has long been popular but use it sparingly to avoid an excess greasiness. Legs often dry out if we shave, so avoid this if you are prone to dry skin. Stay safe in the sun to avoid flare-ups of dryness or burning. Love your skin.


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