Electrify your dating experience with Luz de la Riva

We all know the feeling right before a first date. The cluster of butterflies dancing in your stomach; jitters as you stutter and shake; sweaty palms and a heart that races a million miles an hour – all in anticipation of this being the one.

So what happens when you’re sure you’ve found him/her?  Over a year, and a dozen dates later? Those feelings disappear? Should the dates end too?


Electrify your dating experience with Luz de la Riva’s bath and body products, a line of couture intimate cosmetics that are sure to provide that boost of romance you felt in the beginning.

With Luz de la Riva’s  Lola All Natural Intimate Body Wash, Lisa, Organic Pheromone Inducing Body Scrub and Sahara Sensual Shimmering Body Oil you can feel sexy pre- and post-date with this selection of products sure to arouse your mate’s sensations.

Available at www.LuzdelaRiva.com.

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