Use Lists to Draw Your Way Through a Creative Block

Here is an amazing book I want to recommend!

Why I really like it, here are the reasons:

  • This is an innovatice concept that has not yet been on the market in this way.
  • Invites artists from a broad area of disciplines to practice and apply their doodles directly on the fun and whimsical pages of the book.
  • Contributing artists broaden market reach.
  • Featuring 75 lists, illustrators are encouraged to draw, sketch, doodle, or otherwise make art in any way that the lists inspire!
  • Jaime Zollars and a host of notable collaborators created this remarkable and unique book featuring ludicrous lists to help artists, doodlers, and sketchers with daily inspiration! Inside, you’ll find complete illustrated lists, partial lists, and blank lists to help guide you through a world full of illustration ideas and motivation.

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The creativity never stops with IlLISTration!

Each list has a distinct theme or fantastical topic. What world would you create using Modes of Miniature Transportation? Could you doodle out dozens of Drinks for Dragons? And how would you create your Recipes for Disaster? These themes include lines for twelve descriptive names, and plenty of space for your accompanying illustrations.

An inspirational gallery features art contributed award-winning illustrators: John Hendrix, Calef Brown, Julia Rothman, Meg Hunt, Brian Rea, Whitney Sherman, Mikey Burton, Julianna Brion, Roman Muradov, Aya Kakeda, Wilson Swain, Keith Reay.

Click this link to buy it, IlLISTration.
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