Epi-Pet, Skin Treatment for Your Lovely Pets

Epi-Pet topicals and oral supplement are included in the groupings of products highlighted as essential by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to meet several human and animal health challenges this summer.

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The president and congress have diverted $500 million originally targeted to fight Ebola to a more pressing concern, the Zika virus, an unpredictable insect transmitted disease. The CDC has released memos and statements encouraging the use of insect repellants on both people and animals to help prevent transmission of insect diseases like Zika, Lyme, Chikungunya, Leishmaniasis, Dengue, and Yellow Fever, The Plague and other deadly insect and tick-borne diseases. The natural insect repelling ingredients in the “cross-over “Epi-Pet topicals are vehicles that aid in controlling the multitude of so many overwhelming “insect diseases.” Further benefits of the Epi-Pet topicals include hygienic hydration, skin and coat conditioning along with alteration of itchy and reddened summer skin.


The CDC reminds us that cancer kills more people and pets than any other disease. Melanomas, basal and squamous cell carcinomas and hemangiosarcomas are the four major skin cancers that are triggered by excessive sun rays. Although animals don’t appear to be affected by melanomas to the same degree that people are, the other major skin cancers in people appear in animals probably with the same frequency and result in similar devastating consequences. The CDC, an arm of the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), strongly recommends protection against excessive sun rays by avoiding sun exposure between the “sunny hours” of ten AM to four PM, covering the body preventing direct sun exposure and the regular use of sunscreen sun protector. The FDA reminds the general public that all sunscreens are not cosmetics but are classified as “drugs” and, differently than cosmetics, require FDA approval and authorization before marketing and use. They also remind us that there are many human sunscreen products FDA compatible and approved for sale and to be applied on people, but only one pet sunscreen, “The Epi-Pet Sunscreen Sun Protector,” is authorized for marketing and use on animals and pets.


Nutritionists remind us that the oral supplement is an FDA category structured under the umbrella of a variety of nutrients- from vitamins to probiotics, minerals to electrolytes, and it goes on. The two most accepted supplements are glucosamine’s and the marine omega-3s. The two have been nicknamed nutraceuticals by the medical community and the only two supplements consistently reinforced with both clinical and evidence based studies.

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