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What Are 2016’s Most Popular Weight Loss Treatments?

Every year there are a range of weight loss treatments and tricks that become incredibly popular. While we may not even be half way through the year, as summer is on the way, it’s already apparent, what the most popular options of 2016 will be. Wondering why I’m telling you this?

We all want to look and feel our best, especially, with bikini season just around the corner. So I thought I would share some of the most popular weight loss options. Hopefully, if you’re looking to lose weight, one of these treatments or tricks will work for you.

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Last year was the year of detoxes, with more of us than ever taking part if weight loss inducing detox programs. And this year is no different, with detox programs, like the C9, once again increasing in popularity.

This year, tea cleanses are also incredibly popular. With more and more of us turning to a cup of tea for weight loss and detoxing purposes. These types of weight loss methods tend to be popular because they offer quick and affordable results. However, it’s important to understand that not all detoxes are safe.


A treatment that’s been popular for years, liposuction is one of the most common weight loss procedures. While fat freezings and gastric bands are also popular, none of these treatments offer such quick or affordable results.

Because liposuction is a keyhole procedure, it’s become even more popular. It comes with a low price tag, minimal risks, and great results, making it a popular weight loss treatment. However, it does still come with a recovery time of a few days and a fair amount of pain and bruising.

Laser treatment

A new alternative to liposuction, liposculpture, a treatment performed using lasers, has become popular. This is partially because it’s completely non-invasive and pain-free. And also, because it requires no time off work and gives gradual, natural-looking results.

According to liposculpture experts, this treatment breaks up the fat, allowing it to slowly be go rid of by the body. So instead of it instantly reducing your waistline, it takes a few weeks to take full effect. This makes it look like you’ve naturally lost weight naturally.

Body wraps

Last but not least, body wraps have also increased in popularity this year. This is mostly because of how affordable they are, as well as how quickly you can see results. Body wraps work by reducing your body of water weight, leading to weight loss. This can be anything from a few centimeters to a few inches, it all depends on how much water weight you’re carrying.

The downside to wraps is that the results are nearly never permanent, and last for a few days at the most. However, as a quick fix before an event or a holiday, they can be the ideal solution to slimming down quickly. It’s this that makes them so popular when it comes to weight loss.

So there you have it, the most popular weight loss treatments of 2016. All of these treatments have risen significantly in popularity this year.


Cellcell Putty: Ultimate Desk Toy TSFW (Totally Safe for Work!)

There is no denying that 2016 is surely the age of nostalgia. From fashion to film and everything in between, we just want things to be simple again. “Adulting” has its perks certainly but for the days when you wish you were still a kid, we have something for you. Introducing the first scented personal relaxation putty called Cellcell. According to the creators of Cellcell, it is anything but silly.

Cellcell is a personal relaxation tool that goes where you go. It uses sensory relaxation through tactile and olfactory stimulation to ease your stress.  Stress is the biggest inhibitor of creativity and an invitation to disease and fear.  Cellcell will provide a calm and relaxing environment to nest your emotions.  In a digital world, we are often deprived of tactile opportunities to channel our emotions. Emotions are stored in the cellular level of each being and can reside there long after an incident has occurred or a memory forgotten. Take some time each day to play with Cellcell and reset your emotional mind frame to face the world with positivity and light.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 1.07.48 PM

Cellcell comes in an array of colors that are modern, sophisticated and fashion forward. Some best sellers include Cake, Piscine, Manuka and Flamingo. Each design has a certain story. Cake is an off white, icing like putty with multicolored glitter inside. With the buttercream vanilla scent, this yummy Cellcell is for ideal for relaxation and celebration. Piscine is reminiscent of first days of summer by the swimming pool with best buds. Thankfully, it doesn’t smell like chlorine and more like coconut oil and sunscreen in a Caribbean paradise. Playing with this Cellcell is a quick escape to the tropics without the sand between your toes. Manuka is a golden flow of honeysuckle blossom goodness. Just like the New Zealand honey but without the sticky mess. This Cellcell has tiny little bears inside the honey jar.


Playing with Cellcell is a great thinking tool and the ultimate desk toy. It is a discrete way to recharge on those long days, brainstorming sessions and helping you figure out just exactly what the client needs. Tactile stimulation, along with aromatherapy is great mood boosters without caffeine jitters.

carwash New to a job or not friends with your office mates yet? Let Cellcell be a conversation starter and when you collection grows, swap and trade with your colleagues too.

This is surely a clever take on a childhood favorite toy. With endless possibility in colors, scents and texture, Cellcell focuses on pop culture trends, fashion inspired patterns and social media driven fads. With the advent of social media exposing how lonely most people are, it’s hard to believe that a little putty in a jar can center you again.


But it can! Studies have shown that even 5 minutes of reflection and meditative state of mind can recharge a drained person. A midday motivation can not only elevate your mood but also resolve negative feelings with your boss and coworkers too. When you are feeling especially irritable with a case of the Mondays, try Cellcell and you may surprise yourself. And if squishy it around doesn’t help at all, you can chuck it across the room at the person making you mad.


Made with natural materials with no preservatives, Cellcell is happy to take your bad juju from you. Keep it safely airtight in its jar and you can use each one for up to 30 days. Once it gets dirty from your hand and thoughts, toss it out and reorder another one. Some people have favorites while others like to switch it up. My preference? The all year plan for 24 Cellcell scents (2 per month) for the best deal to see if this reimagined putty can truly improve creativity and productivity this year.