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With groundbreaking new features and an unprecedented level of smart connectivity,

Samsung Family Hub™ transforms the kitchen appliance experience

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Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a leader in home appliance innovations announced the availability of the Samsung Family Hub™ Refrigerator, a revolutionary advancement that changes the refrigerator category in meaningful ways. With the kitchen already being the heart of the home, the Family Hub™ becomes a focal point for family members, enhancing their lives with family connections, food and entertainment experiences like never before.

Enhanced by a 21.5 inch full HD LCD screen which serves as the refrigerator’s digital command center, and seamlessly connects to your smartphone, the Family Hub™ is a significant advancement in home appliance functionality and design. Whether sharing family calendars, photos and notes; viewing the inside of the fridge with your smartphone while grocery shopping; or accessing your favorite music or television content, Family Hub™ enriches family life in practical and empowering ways.


“The refrigerator was once viewed simply as a place to cool and store food. In time, it became the center of the home and the family bulletin board, where families shared notes, photos, artwork and kept shopping lists. We saw an opportunity to introduce a refrigerator that redefines the category – a refrigerator that goes beyond storage and one that brought the center of your kitchen into the digital age,” said John Herrington, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Home Appliance, Samsung Electronics America. “We’re excited to debut the Family Hub™ refrigerator and the great new possibilities it brings as part of Samsung’s commitment to bring meaningful innovations to the home.

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Grocery Management and Organization Made Easier than Ever

Ask the average person what’s going on inside their fridge, and chances are they won’t really know for sure. The Family Hub™ features a series of smart and intuitive features that make food management and organization easier and more efficient. Most impressive are three tiny, high quality cameras positioned inside the refrigerator that capture an image each time the doors close. Now if you are at the store and trying to remember which food items to buy, you can view inside the refrigerator through a smartphone app. Other food management features in the Family Hub™ include:

  • Instacart – The leading national online grocery delivery service, delivering groceries from your favorite stores straight to your door in as little as one hour.
  • Groceries by MasterCard – Order groceries online from leading retailers like Fresh Direct and ShopRite and pay for them through a simple, single check-out with any U.S.-issued credit or debit cards
  • Allrecipes – Access recipes rated and reviewed by millions of cooks, as well as cooking advice tips and how-to videos.
  • Shopping List – Compile and keep track of your grocery lists, which seamlessly sync between fridge and smartphone.
  • Food Reminders – Use the Family Hub™ screen or your smartphone to drag and drop expiration dates to the image of items inside to know what needs to be used, and by when.
  • Fridge Manager – Easily control the refrigerator and freezer temperatures, and check the status of the water filter.


New and Smarter Ways to Connect with Family

The Family Hub™ screen packs a powerful, highly interactive digital punch. Within its 21.5 inch screen, you can easily access and store all important aspects of family life such as schedules, photos, artwork, tap into the Internet, check news and weather and more. Apps and features to help better connect families include:

  • StickiBoard – Keep in touch with family members by sharing multiple calendars, posting photos and writing notes directly on the screen [or with] your mobile device
  • WhiteBoard – Write notes and draw pictures on the Family Hub and through your mobile device to leave messages for your family
  • Photo Album – Display daily photos and iconic family images for all to see.
  • AccuWeather – Get weather updates with Superior Accuracy while multi-tasking in the kitchen
  • Web Browser – Surf the internet using a full browser for all your family needs


Entertainment Right in the Kitchen

With today’s open home floor plans, people are moving freely between rooms and demanding a seamless flow of entertainment into the kitchen as they cook and socialize. The Family Hub™ enables favorite television shows to be mirrored from Samsung Smart TVs1 onto the refrigerator’s digital screen. Music lovers can stream their favorite songs and talk radio programs through apps such as Pandora using the built-in speakers. The refrigerator also connects to external Bluetooth wireless speakers like Samsung’s own Radiant 360 line for sound that stretches beyond the kitchen.


The Refrigeration Performance You’ve Come to Expect

The Family Hub™ also excels in food storage and preservation. It’s innovative and exclusive FlexZone™, located in the bottom right quadrant of the refrigerator. FlexZone™ transforms from fridge to freezer by toggling between five customizable temperature settings. The 28-cu. ft. Family Hub™ also places a premium on keeping food fresh with its Triple Cooling system. With three evaporators and a network of sensors, Triple Cooling maintains even humidity levels throughout the refrigerator to provide a more precise temperature calibration.

The Samsung Family Hub™ Refrigerator (model RF28K9580SR) is now available in a stunning new Black Stainless Steel design in a Counter Depth size ($5,999.99) and Full Depth size ($5,799.99) at major appliance retailers nationwide and online. It is also available in a Stainless Steel finish. To see Samsung’s latest home appliances and other products, visit


About Samsung Electronics America, Inc.
Headquartered in Ridgefield Park, NJ, Samsung Electronics America, Inc. (SEA), is a recognized innovation leader in consumer electronics design and technology.  A wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., SEA delivers a broad range of digital consumer electronics, mobile products and wearables, wireless infrastructure, IT and home appliance products. Samsung is the market leader for HDTVs in the U.S and one of America’s fastest growing home appliance brands. To discover more, please visit

About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. inspires the world and shapes the future with transformative ideas and technologies. The company is redefining the worlds of TVs, smartphones, wearable devices, tablets, cameras, digital appliances, printers, medical equipment, network systems, and semiconductor and LED solutions. For the latest news, please visit the Samsung Newsroom at

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PrivateRX: Safe & Effective Intimate Skin Care Products

PrivateRx Intimate Skin Care products are specially formulated for the delicate skin of a woman’s most intimate area to help fight the effects of aging and damaged skin. Women age differently than men, and intimate feminine skin reacts differently than facial or body skin to product applications. As estrogen levels decline, so does a woman’s natural lubrication. Many women experience this prior to, or during, menopause, but it can impact a woman at any age. Diminished estrogen can lead to external and internal vaginal dryness and vaginal atrophy, resulting in undernourished, under-hydrated, aged skin. A woman might then experience daily personal discomfort and a diminished interest in intimacy. PrivateRX feminine care products help firm, soothe, tighten and moisturize while gently delivering powerful anti-aging benefits in a safe and gentle way.

The Femsome Skin Care Complex is the foundation of the entire PrivateRx brand and is in each product. It was created exclusively for PrivateRx under the direction of the company’s Founder, Dr. Ronald D. Blatt, by a team of specialized research scientists. They formulated a unique combination of organics and anti-aging ingredients that are often associated with helping to increase cellular energy and oxygenation, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, the essentials for firming and tightening skin. A combination of vitamins and plant extracts help scavenge free radicals and reduce irritation, culminating in younger-looking skin. This exclusive formula also contains a super-moisturizing ingredient derived from sorbitol that significantly increases moisture content in the skin, making it look and feel soft, moisturized and silky smooth.

The products in the PrivateRX line include:

Internal Vaginal Moisturizer $19.99

A long-lasting super-moisturizing system to help reduce vaginal dryness for comfort and confidence.

Personal Vaginal Lubricant $19.99 

The ultimate lubricant to safely enhance sexual pleasure and the Personal Vaginal Lubricant provides relief from vaginal dryness.


PrivateRX offers Cooling Pads $15.99

Antioxidant cleansing wipes to help prevent bumps, irritation and ingrown hair caused by shaving.


waxing and Soothing Serum  $15.99

An intense, super-moisturizing aftercare product to help prevent irritation and ingrown hair caused by shaving or waxing.

About Dr. Blatt:
Dr. Ronald D. Blatt, Founder of the PrivateRX Intimate Skin Care line, is Medical Director and Chief Surgeon of the Manhattan Center for Vaginal Surgery and the Manhattan Centers for Women’s Health. Dr. Blatt has been in private practice since 1986. He is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology, and is a specialist in cosmetic vaginal reconstructive surgery. Dr. Blatt’s professional affiliations include the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology Fellow, the Medical Society of the State of New York, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Academy of Cosmetic Gynecologists. Dr. Blatt is also on staff at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan.

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Spring Clean Your Makeup Brushes with Makeup Academy

It’s an ideal time for beauty spring cleaning and replacing contents of makeup bags and drawers.

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The sleek, innovatively designed brushes, featuring a mix of natural and synthetic fibers, create both bold and natural looks with multiple options for eyes, lips, cheek and base product application. Please see below for some of our favorites that launched this Spring:



Pro Double Ended Liner Brush & Smudger ($11.50)

Smokey eyes don’t have to be a challenge anymore – this brush allows for easy gel, cream or powder application along the lash line with angled synthetic bristles while a dense sponge on the other side blends out pencil lines and shadows on outer corners.


Pro Fan Brush ($13.50)

For light application of finishing products like a setting powder or highlighter, the Pro Fan Brush makes it easy to apply a veil of product for a weightless finish. Also ideal for whisking away any product fall-out under the eyes and for diffusing darker contouring shades.


Pro Lip Brush ($9.50)

Create the perfect pout and ensure an even lip liner and lipstick/gloss application with this super convenient and compact brush, featuring a curved brush head and travel cap for precise touch-ups for when you’re on the go.


Ombre Brush Collection ($23.50)

An ideal gift for beauty enthusiasts, beginners and pros alike, this set includes 5 different essentialbrushes for any look (Powder Brush, Foundation Brush, Large Shadow Brush, Large Brow Brush, Smudger Brush) with black and fuchsia ombre handles. Comes in a clutch style bag with individual slots to cover and protect brushes.

All products are available at CVS pharmacy nationwide.


World’s Smallest and Precision RBS from Super Impulse

I knew some super cool products from TTPM toys showcase. These are the one very impressed me, so I want to let you know, and your kids definitely will love it!

Precision RBS, a unique new rubber band launching line like nothing ever experienced before. Precision RBS delivers safe and intense fun, with more ammo, more power and more on-target accuracy! It is more accurate than any foam dart in the marketplace.

With 3 models to choose from, The Precision RBS System is the next evolution for power and accuracy.


The lightweight Talos holds up to 20 rubber bands in two sizes, launches up to 30 feet and includes a built-in extender for even more power when you need it. It’s perfect for quick, smooth action.

MSRP $14.99

Ages 8+


The Chiron has storage for up to 100 rubber bands, so you’ll never run out of ammo! Other features include the quick-loading design and a release option to separate into 2 completely different RBS Shooters, including a hand launcher. You’ll dominate your opponent with tons of ammo power!

MSRP $19.99

Ages 8+


Nothing surpasses the Hyperion: pinpoint accuracy 50 feet downfield! Three different band sizes, for capacity of 26 loaded bands, plus extra side storage. Plus the unbelievable Blast feature – launches 14 bands AT ONCE! Insane power! The other guys don’t stand a chance.

MSRP $24.99

Ages 8+

World’s Smallest toys are designed with the same working functions as the original, world beloved classic toys, but in the smallest sizes ever created! New for 2016 are four classic toys for kids of all ages to enjoy.

 WS FP CHATTER PHONE_HI The iconic Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone has been a nostalgic favorite for many generations. This adorable, classic pull toy has the same friendly face, movable eyes, a bell and classic red receiver just like the original.

MSRP $5.99

Ages 4+


Now kids of all ages can take a trip back in time and enjoy the classic Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack. Just like the original toy, there are five colorful, stackable rings and a wobbly base that rocks back and forth.

MSRP $5.99

Ages 4+


The top that draws just got smaller. The World’s Smallest Doodletop features a felt tip pen bottom that draws spirals as you spin it.

MSRP $3.99

Ages 4+


Sock Monkeys remain a popular icon to this day and are enjoyed by kids of all ages. The World’s Smallest Sock Monkey has the same classic design – woven brown “sock” color, white feet and of course, red lips.

MSRP $4.99

Ages 4+


Little PeopleSchool Bus Take this Fisher-Price Little People School Bus on a ride down memory lane. Featuring the iconic Little People characters as students and the bus driver who rotates in his seat as the bus rolls along. There is also an articulating stop sign and door, and “clicking” wheels.

This product is not out yet, but it will come out soon in Fall 2016!

MSRP: $6.99

Ages: 6 and up


Epi-Pet, Skin Treatment for Your Lovely Pets

Epi-Pet topicals and oral supplement are included in the groupings of products highlighted as essential by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to meet several human and animal health challenges this summer.

Epi-Pet Clear Logo_full

The president and congress have diverted $500 million originally targeted to fight Ebola to a more pressing concern, the Zika virus, an unpredictable insect transmitted disease. The CDC has released memos and statements encouraging the use of insect repellants on both people and animals to help prevent transmission of insect diseases like Zika, Lyme, Chikungunya, Leishmaniasis, Dengue, and Yellow Fever, The Plague and other deadly insect and tick-borne diseases. The natural insect repelling ingredients in the “cross-over “Epi-Pet topicals are vehicles that aid in controlling the multitude of so many overwhelming “insect diseases.” Further benefits of the Epi-Pet topicals include hygienic hydration, skin and coat conditioning along with alteration of itchy and reddened summer skin.


The CDC reminds us that cancer kills more people and pets than any other disease. Melanomas, basal and squamous cell carcinomas and hemangiosarcomas are the four major skin cancers that are triggered by excessive sun rays. Although animals don’t appear to be affected by melanomas to the same degree that people are, the other major skin cancers in people appear in animals probably with the same frequency and result in similar devastating consequences. The CDC, an arm of the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), strongly recommends protection against excessive sun rays by avoiding sun exposure between the “sunny hours” of ten AM to four PM, covering the body preventing direct sun exposure and the regular use of sunscreen sun protector. The FDA reminds the general public that all sunscreens are not cosmetics but are classified as “drugs” and, differently than cosmetics, require FDA approval and authorization before marketing and use. They also remind us that there are many human sunscreen products FDA compatible and approved for sale and to be applied on people, but only one pet sunscreen, “The Epi-Pet Sunscreen Sun Protector,” is authorized for marketing and use on animals and pets.


Nutritionists remind us that the oral supplement is an FDA category structured under the umbrella of a variety of nutrients- from vitamins to probiotics, minerals to electrolytes, and it goes on. The two most accepted supplements are glucosamine’s and the marine omega-3s. The two have been nicknamed nutraceuticals by the medical community and the only two supplements consistently reinforced with both clinical and evidence based studies.

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Gym Bag Skincare Essentials

Working on your bikini body with extra morning visits to the gym?

Make sure breaking a sweat shows in your figure, and not through your skin. Avoid blemishes, itch and odor with these skincare essentials that are must-haves for your gym bag. Rather than making an extra trip home, you can wash away post-workout sweat at the gym for skin that’s clean, hydrated and fresh for the day ahead.Gym Bag Skincare Essentials

–          After working out a sweat, clear your pores of oil clogging impurities with new Bioré Baking Soda Pore Cleanser!This daily liquid cleanser gives you a deep exfoliating clean without being rough on dry spots. Ideal for combination skin, this oil-free formula contains cleansing ingredients that excavate grime and oil from pores. At the same time, the formula gently smooths away dead cells. You end up with skin that’s fresh, silky-soft and luminous. ($7.99; Drug and mass merchants)


–          The sweat underneath your clothes can leave skin irritated, so be sure to wash it away without stripping skin of moisture thanks to the Curél Itch Defense Line. It works to break the cycle of dry, itchy skin while providing long-lasting relief, even on the most sensitive, eczema prone skin! Start by washing your body with the Curel Itch Defense Body Wash, a powerfully calming, hydrating and fragrancefree cleanser. Then instantly moisturize throughout the day when you need it thanks to the Curel Itch Defense Instant Soothing Moisturizing Spray, a uniquely soothing formula that delivers a mix of light yet potent hydrators! ($6.99 – $8.99; Drugstores and Mass Retailers)

unnamed-1 unnamed

–          Eliminate under-arm sweat all day with a fresh scent by applying Ban Roll-On Deodorant! Ban’s breakthrough technologyspecifically targets and virtually eliminates (not cover up) spicy and s-odor that other antiperspirant/deodorants may leave behind. Ban Roll-On Deodorant glides on easily with a formula that provides an outstanding 24 hours of invisible protection against odor wetness. ($4.99, Drug and Mass Retailers)