Dom Streater wins Project Runway OtterBox Challenge

Fashion designer Dom Streater, best known by fans as Project Runway’s 12th season winner, is the winner of the OtterBox Smartphone Case Design Challenge.

Verizon partnered with Otterbox to host the challenge helping to further remove style barriers from tech by teaming up with Project Runway: All Stars and OtterBox to design the most-fashionable smartphone cases. Below I have included information about the design and the challenge.


Winning Design

OtterBox is producing not just one, but two separate Symmetry Series cases featuring her designs, which are sold exclusively by Verizon. Streater’s two winning case designs each boast its own sense of style. The first case features a sophisticated Pink Swirl design with a black and white geometric pattern highlighted by bold pink floral accents. The second case has a Green Diamond design with a black and white diamond-patterned background and green botanical accents. The attractive cases are now available both online and in Verizon stores for iPhone 6s ($39.99), iPhone 6s Plus ($49.99), and Samsung Galaxy S7 ($39.99).


The Challenge

For the OtterBox Challenge, the all-star designers were tasked with creating an original print that could both walk down a runway and be used on a smartphone case, with the winning design to be featured on a Symmetry Series smartphone case. For the print-on-print challenge, each designer was tasked with creating their own print. After print creation, they each received $200 to purchase a second print. All designs were to feature their original design plus the design they purchased. However, Streater decided to take it to the next level by creating both designs to provide the print-on-print effect, versus purchasing a design as the second print.

Case Loyalty Program 

With the OtterBox Smartphone Case Design Challenge phone cases, the days of being tied to one phone case are over. Verizon’s Case Loyalty Program lets you purchase one of the design colors and receive a 25% off code for the next case you buy. Redeem the 25% off code and receive a 30% off code for the next case. Stay stylish, and have a case for every occasion. The more cases, the more savings.

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