NEW Body Care Launches from Skin+Pharmacy


I’m excited to share the latest spring launches from Skin+Pharmacy. No matter the skin concern, the NEW Skin+Pharmacy Advanced Skin Therapy collection has a solution, featuring moisture restoring technologies, that help improve skin’s texture and firmness while providing long lasting moisture retention effects (without a prescription!).
From hydrating body lotions and hand creams to diabetic moisturizers and healing gels, the powerful paraben-free products help achieve healthy skin from head to toe. Here are some favorites:

· Stretch Mark Lotion – Features powerful peptide technology, Regu®-Stretch, to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and peptide complex Vanistryl® to improve skin brightness while Hyaluronic Acid and botanical extracts including mango, aloe and shea butter help skin feel hydrated and moisture-rich.
· 3-in-1 Itch Relief Lotion – Magnetized Moisture Technology delivers enhanced hydration to improve and maintain skin’s moisture balance while colloidal oatmeal soothes itching and calms the look of skin irritation and redness.
· Healing Gel – Features skin softener allantoin to heal dry, rough skin while stimulating cell regeneration for healthy skin and Magnetized Moisture Technology for continuous hydration.

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