Posts Written On March 25, 2016

HurriK9: The 100+ Foot Ring Launcher for Dogs

Do you exercise and play with your dog at least once per day? If you are a busy person like most people, you may not get around to it every day. But your dog deserves a happier, healthier, longer life, and daily exercise is critical to achieving that.

Meet the world’s first gravity defying 100-foot flying ring launching fetch toy for dogs. In just minutes, after a couple of ring launches, your dog has run over the length of a football field! And it’s fun for both you and your dog. Slobbery tennis balls are boring and no human or dog actually wants to catch a hard frisbee with their teeth.

Your dog deserves time with you every day, and I’m guessing that you would love to spend more time with your companion in the first place. Now you can!–2#/

Can’t wait to try this out with Jacob!


New CHIHULY Experience to Debut Next Year in Spring 2017 at NYBG

For the first time in more than ten years, the artwork of world-renowned sculptor Dale Chihuly will be featured in a major exhibition in New York.
Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 1.00.45 PM
Returning to The New York Botanical Garden beginning in spring 2017 (official exhibition run dates to be announced), CHIHULY, presented by Bank of America, will be a new experience with monumental installations within and around the most celebrated sites in the Botanical Garden’s landscape.

The new exhibition will also feature a display of Chihuly’s drawings.

On select evenings, the installations throughout the Garden will be dramatically illuminated in a celebration of color, form, and light.

Visit the Garden’s Web site,, for more information and to purchase tickets.


Zinc Fingers // NEW Skin Technology from Osmosis

The Doctor Developed DNA Repair Secret from Osmosis Pür Medical Skincare
Meet Patented Zinc Finger Technologyunnamed

With a recent clinical trial showing a 110% improvement in skin elasticity in just 8 weeks, Osmosis Pür Medical Skincare’s Catalyst AC-11 DNA Repair Serum is now one of the most powerful age reversing serums. The secret? Patented Zinc Finger Technology (U.S. Patent No 8,642,655 B2)

Osmosis is re-defining the gold-standard in DNA repair technology by restoring skin DNA and creating more active cells through Zinc Finger Technology. This breakthrough works by activating your natural zinc finger remodeling process: a critical part of DNA repair. Zinc fingers, a group of active peptides in our cells, assist in the repair and formation of DNA, RNA, proteins and antioxidants – all essential for healthy, vibrant skin.


1.         Only product ever proven to tighten eyelids

2.         110% improvement in skin elasticity

3.         32% improvement in skin radiance and luminosity

4.         64% reduction in broken capillaries and redness

5.         14% improvement in pre-cancerous skin lesions

As a result, the serum encourages the skin to increase collagen and elastin production while being a catalyst for DNA and wound repair that actually calms the skin. With continued use, users will permanently reverse signs of aging and protect themselves from further DNA deterioration thus avoiding the lost elasticity that can often only be fixed with surgery.

For an added wrinkle fighting capabilities, this serum also contains the proprietary ingredient AC-11, a specialized extract of Cat’s Claw, which is proven to increase DNA repair by up to 40%.

Price: $130 via

Directions: Apply 1-2 pumps morning and evening. May be used in combination with other serums