NEW Perfume & Cologne Sets for Valentine’s Day: Scentbird

What do you want to prepare for Valentine’s day?
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Here I have a good suggestion, try Scentbird!
Scentbird just launched for Valentine’s Day NEW designer fragrance gift sets for HIM & HER.  These gift sets are a simple and affordable way to gift designer fragrance from brands such as:  Marc Jacobs, Bvlgari, Hermes, Hugo Boss, Tom Ford, and more.   Each gift set is $59.95 and comes with a free month subscription to Scentbird ($85 value).  For gift guides under $20, Scentbird also has their popular subscription service that starts at just $14.95/month.
Perfume & Cologne Experts:   Whether you are looking for tips on how to pair fragrance with moods or fragrance tips for seduction our experts can help with that too!
Below are three gifts set that I recommend.
For Her:
The Daydreamer flows between fantasy and reality but only she can tell. It may seem like she is just gazing into space but behind that smile are dreams of grandeur… This set is for fragrant dreams of what’s to come…. The chance to never grow up or maybe the chance to make them daydream of you.

Price: $59.95 ($85 Value)

“Excuse me while I politely take over the world” is your motto. Complimenting that smile is a thoughtful and charming lady who always looks her best, no matter what she is doing. Femininity is natural, but the confidence you earned. Our Miss Pretty set is the perfect compliment to the grace and style you put forth.
Price: $59.95 ($85 Value)
For Him:
You don’t stop at a million. But how do you make it look so easy, enjoying life as you conquer each barrier? These are the scents for the lavish life, endurance and oozing confidence. Wear them as you knock each goal out of the park and reflect on how far you’ve come and how far you are going.
Price: $59.95 ($85 Value)
Wish you have a wonderful sweet smell Valentine!
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