Posts Written On February 02, 2016

Lulu Qu gave a lecture in Ludong University in China

Lulu lecture

During the winter break 2015-2016, Yueming Qu was invited to give a lecture in Ludong University in China.

She is a blogger work for fashion blog, she is also a student enrolled in MFA program in Fashion Institute of Technology, majoring illustration.


About the first part of the lecture, she talked about her experience, graduating from Central Academy of Fine Arts, the best art school in China, then came to US to continue her study.

She changed her career from Chinese painting artist to fashion illustrator, which she really enjoys. But she still keeps using the Chinese painting materials, Asian painting brushes and pigments.

She encouraged the university students to chase their own dreams bravely, doing what they want to do.

From her own experience, she wanted the young students could save the time. Comparing the education style between China and US, she told the students to not only work hard on practicing drawing skills, but also opening minds to create new things.


On the second part, she shared her US new life to students. There are some students who want to go abroad to study would like to gain some experience from her. She shared her experience working for the fashion blog, and collaborating with perfume brand Aromaflage, telling the students to look for more opportunities.


The most importantly, she encouraged them to carry their sketchbook everyday to drawing their neighborhood and the city, as sketching is a very good way to improve their skills and increase the love towards life at the same time.


At the end, the students ran on the lecture stage to ask her questions. She felt happy when they told her they liked her lecture. Also she hopes her lecture could help these young people.


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