Posts Written On December 14, 2015

Get all your holiday cookies at Pure Goodness – Loacker!


What you should prepare for the family holidays about the delicious……?

So many choice…what you would choose

For me,

I will choose – Loacker!

Deep in the heart of the Italian Alps is a company passionate about producing pure and wholesome confections for all the world to love…Loacker. Creating Pure Goodness since 1925.


Delighting consumers all over the world with light, crispy wafer cookies and rich, luscious chocolate specialties, Loacker has been creating Pure Goodness for the past 90 years. product1

Combining a love of nature with a passion for the art of baking results in a delicious creation. Loacker applys craftsmanship to the best untreated and unmodified raw ingredients to make wafer and chocolate specialties that are sought after for their fresh, crisp taste, delicate creams and fine chocolate. It was over 90 years ago that the Loacker brand started in the little confectionery shop of Alfons Loacker in Bolzano, Italy.


To this day Loacker has been true to its original ideal. In manufacturing their products in the heart of the Italian Alps, 1000 meters above sea level, they focus precisely on the most important element for them: the pure quality of their products.

Can’t wait!

Get all your holiday-need cookies at one store!

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