Posts Written On November 12, 2015

PAPINEE: Give the Gift of Imagination

This Holiday season, PAPINEE, an art toy-collective with a social mission, announces its debut to the U.S market.
PAPINEE embarks on both a social mission and creative movement spreading the gift of imagination through their products. The brand creates inspirational educational experiences for all through toys, accessories, and home furnishings ranging in price from $12- $250.

For Holiday 2015, the brand will feature their signature storytelling Animalia gift set that retails at $68 – each kit includes a themed storybook and matching stuffed animal that educates children about cultures and worldwide landmarks.

The current Animalia Collection celebrates the Animal Kingdom by drawing from the diversity of cultures worldwide (i.e New York, Mexico, Hong Kong, Kenya and Japan) and using textures, colors and environments as inspirations for design.

Papinee Look Book:
In the US market, PAPINEE collections are now available via e-commerce at and for retail atPeninsula Hotels in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, Bergdorf Goodman in New York, The Webster in Miami and Ron Robinson in LA.

The brand has partnered with several projects and brands internationally including amFAR during the Cannes Festival, projects by Louis Vuitton, and Financial Times for Art Basel, Harrods in the UK and more.

PAPINEE has received international support from luminaries including HRH Princess Reema Bandar Bint Saud(Royal Family of Saudi Arabia), Claire Hobson (Director of FutureLab London), Adrian Cheng (Chairman of K11 Foundation), Coralie Charriol (CEO of React to Film),  Pearl Lam (Pearl Lam Galleries) and more. The collection will be sold in Harrods London and Lane Crawford Hong Kong.


Shoe-speak: A universal language among women

shoe speak

Shoe lovers everywhere know that “perfect” shoes say a lot about themselves — they’re the ones that best reflect the wearers’ personalities and relay a great story without words.


In “If Not 4 U and Some Shoes,” author Laurie Nenson tells the quirky story of Francie Lanoo, an aspiring fashion designer and footwear enthusiast who embarks on a quest to find her ideal pair of shoes.

Francie’s ongoing shoe hunt eventually morphs into something soul-searching and metaphoric, leading her to realize that by stepping out of her comfort zone, she opens herself up to a world of endless possibilities in life, love and fashion.