Posts Written On November 10, 2015

Jetsetter’s Must Have: Instant Energy Boost with The I.V. Doc

I recently relocated to Las Vegas and was so excited to check out this media meet and greet at the MGM Skyloft for the I.V. Doc.  What is The I.V. Doc? The premium on-call I.V. hydration therapies which provide recovery from hangover, flu, jet lag, fatigue and food poisoning!  Similar to a concierge doctor, the I.V. Doc comes to where you are, your home, hotel or resort!

The I.V. Doc has recently expanded to offer services in Las Vegas and I got to meet with the team. Las Vegas is now the I.V Doc’s fifth market having seen past popularity in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco since launching in 2014.

During the media preview of the service in Las Vegas at the Sky Lofts, I got the chance to sample the service. It was definitely much needed after our move from New York and full week of unpacking.  The I.V. was easy to put in and the B12 boost was amazing.

Dr. Adam Nadelson Founder and CEO of The I.V. Doc onsite to discuss the service and this new trend of mobile wellness. Using screened health care professionals, The I.V. Doc™ provides clients with a discrete luxury service of energizing, 30-minute I.V. hydration therapies in the comfort of their home, hotel, or private office. Treatments include Cleanse, Detox, Refresh and Revive, which allow clients to choose unique, individual vitamin combinations for specific health symptoms – not just hangovers.

The professional and registered nurses took great care in checking my blood pressure and asking relevant medical questions before administrating the I.V.  The entire procedure took less than 30 mins and really gave me a huge boost of energy.

“Most people across the globe see Vegas as a destination for a crazy weekend getaway but there is a huge group of individuals who work and live in this environment every day,” explains founder Dr. Adam Nadelson. “There is much more to this city than a bachelor party-induced hangover and we are pleased to be able to serve the community with a range of customized wellness treatments.”

Widely known in the medical field, the oral intake of fluids and vitamins has an absorption rate of 50%-60% at most, while I.V. hydration is 100% absorbed. I.V. hydration offers the fastest way to replenish needed fluids and electrolytes. The therapies proven in hospital emergency rooms are now made more easily accessible by The I.V. Doc™, by fully accredited, licensed and experienced physicians and medical professionals – and at a lower cost!

Scheduling is easy via phone or online, where clients can select from an assortment of hydration services. The I.V. Doc™ will also offer a selection of supplemental vitamins (available to order after the selected I.V. hydration treatment,) as well as Super Vitamin B Complex shots for quick, natural energy.

Next time you need a boost, be sure to follow and request The I.V. Doc.