Posts Written On October 27, 2015

Lovely Food Fete Fall 2015 Media Event


Scan 87 was invited to attend this year’s Food Fete event tonight at midtown Manhattan.

Food Fête is an exclusive, intimate event that introduces food PR and marketing professionals to a targeted group of top food writers.

Exhibitors showcase their newest food, beverage and kitchenware products in an intimate, cocktail party setting. In just two to three hours, meaningful conversations naturally unfold. Social media profiles give way to, well, genuine social interactions.

Food Fête’s original mission in 2005 was to become the press event for launching new products to the food media. As 2016 marks our 12th year, they’ve accomplished that and more. Food Fête has evolved into an essential industry touch point where new food products and the food press intersect.


This year, the exhibitors included:


Mangalitsa sausage, believe me, it was very very delicious that I have ever eaten!IMG_5365

Dove Sorbet, brings the sweet memories back to me, so lovely.


Bela seafood, make your great salad with this amazing fish inside!

The bar sponsors included:


This is my Chopin vodka cocktail, so tasty!

IMG_5363I did the record drawing at this event! So enjoyed it!

More Lulu’s work check at her web: or Instagram: @qululululu


French Skincare Brand Filorga Launches in US

Scan 81 copy

Filorga, a luxury skincare brand founded in France (and currently the #4 bestselling skincare brand in France), who are making their grand introduction into the US market.  Filorga has become a world leading provider of anti-ageing solutions for both the medical profession and general consumers for over 30 years. We prides ourselves on providing cutting-edge non-surgical anti-ageing solutions. We know that the best results depend on highly effective procedures that associate the right products with the right techniques: this is our key strength. Our products are world-class, developed by a scientific committee of internationally renowned experts (physicians, pharmacists, biologists, cosmetologists). We now aim to make Filorga a global benchmark for medical and consumer anti-ageing solutions. For more information visit




Available for purchase at Nordstrom and



New Mujjo Double Layered Touchscreen Gloves

Raising the bar again with the introduction of the improved Single and Double Layered Touchscreen Gloves, featuring an updated design including a leather wrist strap with magnetic snap closure and upgraded material for increased durability and maximized grip.

Introducing the Magnetic Snap Closure
The Single and Double Layered Touchscreen Gloves feature an important upgrade, a magnetic snap closure, ensuring strong holding power while reducing tension on the strap during opening / closing.

Matching any climate
The Double Layered Touchscreen Gloves, developed in response to requests from those in colder climates looking for touchscreen gloves with extra insulation, the extra layer, made out of wool, acts as an insulator and doubles as lining, providing enhanced insulation.

The Story
Mujjo pioneered unrestricted touchscreen gloves, loved by tens of thousands of fans worldwide who have grown to depend on them. Mujjo has continued to improve and evolve all aspects of the gloves ever since.

Now Available for Pre-Order
The upgraded Single and Double Layered Touchscreen Gloves are now available for pre-order at Available in size S, M and L.