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South Street Seaport, NYC

As a native NYer, and foodie, and wannabe mixologist, and frequent user of the word, “and”,  I have to tell you, it is hard to find a great restaurant in the city with a view of the water. With the whole Williamsburg movement, it seemed for a while that all the great restaurants were opening over there in bearded hipster land. So you can imagine my surprise when I came to find that NYC’s newest hot spot is nowhere to be found in the flowing, thick rimmed, plaid button down land of Williamsburg, but just across the East River right in the South Street Seaport. Executive Chef Marc Arnold takes the helm on this beautiful, waterfront bar/restaurant and offers up the most exquisite and unadulterated views of the water. Perfect for a date or a dinner catch up sesh with friends, INDUSTRY KITCHEN will impress not just your friends, but your tastebuds as well!


I joined Industry Kitchen for their Sunset launch party as  free flowing red and white sangrias, signature mojitos and cocktails whizzed right by my head. An after work crowd of fashionable folks popped by as well to enjoy the delicious samplers like grilled peaches with ricotta cheese, fresh salmon cucumber bites and freshly made pizzas. Directly in front of the restaurant, runners sped by and couples took romantic walks with their dogs. Besides the romantic setting, the architecture of the place itself is very industrial and cool. Angled, florescent lights decorate the open bar, and a theme of reclaimed wood makes it’s presence amongst the ceiling and floors.  Really great design and architecture. Delicious foods. Amazing cocktails and wine list. This is a very romantic and hip place friends, if you go on a date, please don’t go grab a drink at any what bar…this is the perfect spot.


IMG_6100 IMG_6101


There was really no better way to enjoy the Sunset, than here, at Industry Kitchen.


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Inglot has just teamed up with makeup artist Dorothy Lata and fragrance companay Takasago to develop  a unique troupe of new mixable fragrances. Fashioned after the four natural elements, each scent offers the most unique expression to match each individual you!  You can try the scents on your own or mix and match to develop your own personal brand!

EARTH – Indulgence, Elegance, Determination

AIR – Charisma, Tranquility, Originality

WATER – Passion, Creativity, Harmony

FIRE – Confidence, Strength, Adventure




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You can buy your fragrance online for $45 or all 4 for $135. To see more, take a look here to see great deals on makeup and fragrances with Inglot.

I’m so excited because I am a huge fan of mixing and matching everything from my socks to my spices. I’m feeling a little fiery today so I think my concoction would be :

1 x AIR,  1 x WATER, 2 x FIRE

I call it…Agua Fuego. Fire Water!

Which element(s) are you?

Comment below!


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