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Your Ultimate Guide To Facial Treatments

As we start to age, it’s important to maintain our looks for as long as we can. Not only is it good for our self-esteem to look good, but it is nice when people perceive us to be younger than we are. Youthful looks can be maintained by controlling the signs of ageing. Our faces are the biggest giveaway of our age because it is on show all the time.

Looking after your skin is important. A flawless complexion is hard to maintain, but one good sign of ageing is that you are less prone to spots. Instead, you may find your skin becomes dry and blotchy. Chemical peels can dramatically improve the surface appearance of skin. The solution is applied to the skin to cause a type of blistering effect. The skin eventually peels away.

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A chemical peel is used for fine lines, sun damage and to improve the look of scars and acne. It leaves smoother skin by removing the top layers. For deeper wrinkles, you might want to try dermal fillers. There are several different types, but they are all used to fill out wrinkles and other folds in the skin. A skin clinic like Bella Vista can offer advice as to the best type of dermal filler for your face.

Many women are turning to IPL or Intense Pulsed Light treatments nowadays. This relatively new photo rejuvenation treatment can be used for many conditions. It is thought it can improve the appearance of skin imperfections. It can also provide a smoother surface to the skin. Like many treatments for the skin, several appointments may be necessary. For many, the treatment is painless or slightly uncomfortable.

For longer term treatments, skin needling is becoming popular. It is a series of treatments that involve a kind of roller of microneedles across the top layers of the skin. This promotes the body’s own rejuvenation process to encourage the growth of fresh new skin. This relatively new treatment is available in many skin clinics at the moment for the treatment of small scar areas.

Acne treatments available in pharmacies are frequently sold to adult customers. The chemicals in these treatments are very effective at drying up the spots, but overuse can begin to harm the skin. The older the skin, the more harm can be done. It may be best to speak to a doctor if you are no longer a teenager but have an outbreak of acne.

Skin treatments are an essential part of looking good throughout our lifetime. Some are more expensive than others. Some are also more effective for certain conditions than others. When you approach a skin clinic, it’s best to have an open mind about the best course of action to tackle your skin complaint. Side effects may be unpleasant from some treatments. Your clinic can advise you on the best treatment to avoid them in your case.

If you are unhappy in the skin you’re in, don’t suffer on. Take the time to read up on what is available. Book an appointment with a skin specialist to find out what can be done to help you.


Kickerstart this: Sneakerlife Series

A docu-series providing an inside look into the world of sneaker design and the phenomenon of sneaker culture.

About this project

We are producing THE SNEAKER LIFE, a 22-minute, 10-episode series that examines the world of sneakers through a design-based lens. Our pilot episode, if funded, will launch the series.

The series will focus on the current state of “Sneaker-ness” while paying homage to 25+ years of sneaker history with interviews and insights from experts in sneaker culture– from athletes, musicians and influencers to sneaker designers, enthusiasts, and “Sneakerologists.”

The show will delve into 5 main categories exploring: Luxury and High End Fashion • Sport and Function, Sneaker Culture • The Business of Sneakers • The Future of Sneaker Design • Sneaker Design Schools.

We will dive deep into this unique world hitting the road for interviews in epicenters of sneaker culture such as LA, NY, Portland, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Chicago, Detroit, Jersey City, Boston, Philadelphia and Toronto. Each episode will be will be shot in a loose docu-series style and have a fun and energetic tone.

Meet the team

Hi, I’m Cary, entrepreneur, veteran of the media and entertainment space, and creator of this original series. Together with an extremely committed and talented team, we are setting out to produce this series and other original content for a new digital video network.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant

Vaitari Anderson, a NY-based video producer and sneaker collector who has worked with MTV, Vevo, Evoke TV, and more, will produce the show.

Vaitari Anderson
Vaitari Anderson

FUSE music television network host and sneaker aficionado, Esteban Serrano, will serve as host for the series.

Esteban Serrano
Esteban Serrano

How you can help

“THE SNEAKER LIFE” is a labor of love from passionate sneaker fans who want to dedicate a series around the culture and influence of sneakers. We need your help to produce our pilot episode and launch the series. Your contributions will go directly toward the production, editing, and distribution costs for the show.

While there have been a number of original shows, segments and documentaries about sneaker culture, we see an ongoing story to tell about the profound influence sneakers have had on popular culture and support the community of insanely creative artists who design sneakers. We invite you to join us as we lift the veil and explore the concept of sneakers and design in the interesting and exotic world of “Sneaker-ness.”

Help us get the word out!

We would start shooting in August and anticipate that production would take about 8 weeks. If our pilot is funded, we’d then work to get more episodes produced.

 Some of our rewards

Sample t-shirt. Exact design being finalized.
Sample t-shirt. Exact design being finalized.
Custom kicks by Alexander John (Examples of his artistry.)
Custom kicks by Alexander John (Examples of his artistry.)
Option 1-Limited number of shirts signed by Hip-Hop Legend Chuck D of Public Enemy, a featured interview in The Sneaker Life.
Option 1-Limited number of shirts signed by Hip-Hop Legend Chuck D of Public Enemy, a featured interview in The Sneaker Life.
Option 2 - Limited number of shirts signed by Hip Hop Legend Chuck D of Public Enemy, a featured interview in The Sneaker Life.
Option 2 – Limited number of shirts signed by Hip Hop Legend Chuck D of Public Enemy, a featured interview in The Sneaker Life.

Risks and challenges

Producing a video series comes with inherent risks and challenges. Even the best-laid plans can be met with unforeseen circumstances and costs. However, our team of entertainment industry professionals, has the utmost confidence that we can make The Sneaker Life a reality, with your support.


The Klhip is Here

Does the attractiveness of hands and nails matter? Yes it does! One of the biggest things that can scream unprofessional and undateable is having gross hands and dirt under your nails. There is cool and stylish new nail clipper and it is called Klhip.

The Ultimate Clipper from Klhip, a specially designed, ergonomic nail clipper designed to prevent nail snags with it’s odd, forward facing hold. 
Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 4.21.01 PMThe Ultimate Clipper comes with a lifetime warranty, and the company will also sharpen them for you… for life!