Posts Written On July 01, 2015

Affordable Luxuries: #Rarities Collection by @CarolBrodie


When it comes to the finer things in life, there aren’t that many options for a broke post-grad. We’re stuck paying loans, paying bills, keeping food on the table and keeping decent clothes on our backs to trek back and forth (hopefully!) between interviews. Luxury bags and luxury jewelry becomes a thing of dreams. Something to hold off on until we are finally situated in a job that doesn’t pay scraps. If we’re lucky, we may have a real ring or necklace that was handed down to us from a great grandmother or great aunt, twice removed.


The thing about inherited or gifted jewelry is that it’s not truly yours. You didn’t make the decision to find and invest in a real fine piece of jewelry. You didn’t customize it to your specifications. The hand-me-down is not a true representation of who you are. It’s a reflection of generations past that may be mirrored onto you. That’s why I think so many young working women straight out of college flock to disposable jewelry at fast fashion shops, in the ending spending more on things that will eventually end up in the trash.


Jewelry Designer, Carol Brodie, designs jewelry with the working girl in mind. The Rarities Collection is created with the goal of empowering a woman. For you to feel confidence and empowered knowing that you bought something real for yourself that is neither boring or duplicated. After interviewing Carol Brodie, I learned that all her collections are limited. Meaning once they sell out, they’re gone. Each item is unique. No two designs are the same. Rarities has designs that fit all sorts of tastes.

Large bold and ornate pieces to reflect a bigger than life personality!


8.97ct Amethyst and Zircon Rose Vermeil Ring — I tried this beauty on and instantly felt like I could command a whole room!


Ruby, Turquoise and White Zircon Vermeil Ring — Perfect colors for celebrating Independence Day with some pizzaz ~

Small and delicate items that glimmer and gleam.


Simple pendants. The perfect size for everyday wear. And pssst~ They’re a steal!

And everything in-between!



Stackable Diamond Vermeil Kite-Shaped Ring — wear one alone and few for a layered look.

The best thing about The Rarities Collection? The amazing price point and affordability! Because Carol Brodie’s Rarities Collection is available only through HSN, that means you buy them through FlexPay. Instead of paying full price now, you can pay for an item over time, making it easier on your finances and conscience. It’s seriously a win-win. You get real, beautiful, fun and flirty, fine jewelry (see what I did there?) without busting the bank. And you get the sense of empowerment that comes from making a sound financial decision as a young adult, without sacrificing your individuality for the sake of saving money.

Check out the entire amazing collection available now on HSN.

Treat yo self!




New Limited Edition Dove Summer Care Beauty Bar

Style Rut

Black shirt

Blue jeans
$73 –

Statement earrings

Tech accessory
$24 –

Revo sunglasses

Crate and Barrel fake flower

Keep your skin hydrated this summer!

Summer Care Beauty Bar

Some hot Summer tips from Dr. Marmur and Dove:

1. Apply sunscreen!

2. Drink Water!

3. Hydrate your body

4. Invest in a summer scarf

5. Use body oils to stay dewy

Summer Care Body Wash


Reebok Classic Announces Reebok Classic x RIME Diamond Ventilator

Happy July, darlings! Hope everyone’s excited for the summer!

Since the new year I’ve been making good on those promises to go to the gym and while there’s tons of sexy sportswear out there, we seem to lack flair and finesse in the shoe department.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love bright and obnoxious colors, but I want shoes that WOW!

Speaking of WOW, have you seen these beauties?


Elevate your style with the Reebok Classic x RIME Diamond Ventilator, the first US product launch in Reebok Classic’s SheCertified collection. This is only for the ladies who define “respect” and know no limitations. Those who stay on their grind, whose hustle is unparalleled and who can do it all while looking fashionable and chic.

 As Susan Boyle, owner of the Brooklyn sneaker boutique RIME (157 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY) puts it,

I wanted a sneaker that would show off her brilliance, her glamour, her style. To glisten in the streets. I wanted a sneaker that celebrates HER and shines the way SHE does.”

The exclusive pair first launched at RIME  and on Thursday, June 25th.

The collab will be available at other select retailers including Nordstrom, Extra Butter, Packer Shoes, Bait, and UBIQ starting TODAY, Wednesday, July 1st for $120.



I’ll be picking up a pair, will you?!