Posts Written On June 12, 2015

Amex Gold Card Alexander Wang Event

Last night, American Express brought together media and influencers to celebrate its iconic American Express Gold Card and the new benefits recently added to the popular Premier Rewards Gold Card (the flagship Gold product).

The American Express Gold Card Celebration

Guests enjoyed newly debuted cocktails and dishes from Gabrielle Hamilton, head chef of popular NYC restaurant Prune, like her twist on the classic deviled eggs, which she spruced up with golden trout roe.  Others on the scene included the original Alexander Wang Dress made of 500+ Amex Gold Cards, Ashley Merriman of The Waverly Inn, DJ Chelsea Leyland, Rodrigo Bazan of Alexander Wang, Mazack Rassi of Milk Studios, Brandee Brown, Vashtie Kola.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 3.23.15 PMThe American Express Gold Card Celebration

Guests also mingled through interactive elements that brought the new dining and travel benefits of the Gold Card to life. They enjoyed cocktails in an imagined airplane cabin, dined in a pop-up-version of Grand Central Oyster Bar, and enjoyed captivating views in a gold-tufted seating area on the breezy, outdoor terrace.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 3.24.38 PM

The American Express Gold Card Celebration

When it arrived on the scene nearly 50 years ago, the Amex Gold Card set the standard for credit cards and also brought with it a cache. Now, Amex celebrates the Card Members who set the gold standard today, embodying values such as hard work, resilience and creativity that define success.
Throughout the year, Amex will showcase creative collaborations by notable Card Members—all to celebrate the new Gold Card– including Alexander Wang (who custom designed a dress out of 500+ Amex Gold Cards); Gabrielle Hamilton, head chef of Prune (who will be providing original cocktails and menu items for the party); Cole Rise, travel photographer; and Jack Sutter, creator of TGT wallets.

#OBSESSED with Cosplay: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics S/S 2015

Surely by now you’ve heard of the new by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Cosplay, right? It’s now officially available! As expected, OCC does not disappoint in the pigment department. Super-saturated as always, long lasting and head turning colors that are to die for.


Make up artists, other bloggers and myself were lucky enough to be invited to the OCC Flagship store in Manhattan, where we were the first to see the new S/S 2015 Collection. When I heard that the new range was called Cosplay, my first thought was, “Oh! So it’s was inspired by cosplay or cosplayers, literally.” Cosplay by definition, is the art or practice of wearing costumes to portray characters from fiction, especially from manga, animation, and science fiction.

OCC Flagship Store, NYC.

After speaking with founder, David Klasfeld first hand, the idea of the range is actually a more abstract take on the act of cosplaying and more inspirational. When I think of cosplay, I think of dressing up like Wonder Woman. The line is inspired by and gives wearers a mature hero, like Jessica Lang. It’s a playful take on a serious line, like OCC. The colors give you the opportunity to change into a new version of you, without actually dressing up! Though personally, I’d love to dress up like Constance Langdon from American Horror Story season one.

Here I am, speaking with OCC founder, David Klasfeld.

Normally, I’m a girl that loves pinks and nudes. Maybe I’ll wear a deep wine colored lip if I’m feeling dark. Wanting to be daring, I mixed Cosplay, the teal-toned matte green, with Femme, a true baby matte pink, and it gave me this gorgeous sea foam green!

Cosplay/Femme Lip Tar combo matched one of their original color nail lacquers!
I also tried Technopagan and Black Dahlia, both Metallics.

Hyper saturated, the Lip Tars and matching Nail lacquers combine for a monochromatic look, as shown below.


Attendees trying out Lip Tars. Loved the monochromatic beauty on the left. She rocked Cosplay!

In case you didn’t already know, all Lip Tar finishes contain organic hemp oil and soy-derived vitamin E, for a finish that feels as good as it looks. They also contain peppermint oil, which feels oh-so refreshing!

You can purchase OCC products on their site. Guess it’s time to shop!

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