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Men have been experiencing floppy collars since the dawn of time, but there had never been a solution. If you have ever encountered an unruly collar that just won’t stay down no matter how many times you try to press it, you understand the bona fide frustration. We’ve been there. What if there was a product cost effective, disposable product that kept you looking polished and that incredibly cruel collar in place?

Introducing WINGMATE: The Ultimate Fashion Accessory for Men



1 Pack = 40 Wingmates
1 Pack = 40 Wingmates

A “wingmate” is a fiercely loyal compadre who always has your back no matter what, now in the form of a go-to clothing counterpart. Wingmate’s customized formula enables its triangle-shaped design to hold any collar in place without harming the fabric, solving any fashion dilemma, from floppy collars, to misbehaving ties, to droopy pocket squares. Just like the term that inspired it, Wingmate always sticks by you, no matter what.


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