AMEX Shares First-date Spending Behavior

With what it seems like a new dating site a day, it’s no surprise that first-date spending comes up as a hot topic. How much do you pay? Who pays?

  • Money at the Meet-and-Greet: Americans reporting $43 as the average amount spent on a first date.
  • But Who Pays?: 49% of people say the man should pay for the date (vs. 51% in 2014), followed by whoever asked for the date (31% vs. 30% in 2014). 14% believe the bill should be split (vs. 12% in 2014), and 1% say a woman should foot the bill (vs. 2% in 2014).
  • Date Deal Breakers: The top financial deal breakers on a first date (i.e. top reasons for not going on a second date) include:
    • Date’s card gets declined (54%)
    • Date contests bill (49%)
    • Date does not offer to pay for tab check (48%)
    • Date asks to split bill (40%)
    • Date tips under 15% (40%)
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