Posts Written On March 14, 2015

Why Short Videos Are Becoming Part Of Everyday Life

Cameras are everywhere right now. New York has never had more eyes on you, me and everyone else! There are so many ways to be captured these days that you have to wonder if you ever have a moment off screen. Not many of us are that bothered about privacy anymore because we are all busy videoing everything we see and everything we do anyway. We love to see the world on a screen, and it doesn’t matter how tiny that screen is either.

New York just had its first Drone Film Festival. Drones are the latest must-have gadget for shooting video from a bird’s eye view. These guys can fly! The trouble is, some drone owners are being a tad irresponsible and flying them places that aren’t too sensible. That aside, there are some incredible vids to see from this unique angle that our selfie sticks just cannot reach. So what can we do with the footage?

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Lots of people are familiar with YouTube for watching and uploading videos. The vids may come from your smartphone, your laptop, your iPad, or anywhere. The six seconds that you get on Vine just aren’t long enough for a lot of us to get what we have to say across. Some of the vids you see on there just lose their context altogether, and the uploader just looks ridiculous. For a quick message that takes almost no time to upload from anywhere and any device, you can see the appeal of it.

If you want longer than six seconds, which the vast majority of us do, you can always upload your short videos on Keek. That way, you can get your point across without having to rush out a message. Short videos are a great way to let the world know what you are up to. They are like a quick diary entry just to pop your thoughts down, or show what you have just seen. They’re quick to upload and easy to view from almost any device because the file size is so small. Link to them from Twitter, and you can easily keep in touch with the whole world.

The importance of a short video site is that it helps you think about your message. It’s not long enough for waffle, so you have to be concise and focused on your message. It is also not so short that you have to rush. You have time for structure. You can just about fit in a beginning, middle and end of your story. A thirty-something second video could be just what you need to start mastering the art of video making, storytelling and presenting.

We will all continue to video events in our lives for the foreseeable future. And we will all feel perfectly comfortable with selfies and videoing ourselves as part of our daily routine. They are a great way to catch up with friends, demonstrate ideas, and voice your feelings on any topic you like. Short videos also offer a great way to make art. Whether you have a drone or not, your short video is the perfect springboard for you.