New Must Have Scent: Krigler – Champfleury 132.

Albert Krigler first started blending perfumes with the rarest ingredients from all over the world in 1904.  The legendary perfume house continues to live on through Albert Krigler’s great-great-grandson, Ben Krigler.


Champfleury 132 was first launched by Albert Krigler in 1913 and now Ben Krigler has revived this much-loved perfume for the modern age. “It is a truly timeless fragrance that never loses its charm, so I’m thrilled to bring it back and recreate a piece of my great-great-grandfather’s legacy,” says Ben Krigler.

The fresh and energetic notes of the fragrance pay homage to Champagne, France, the lush and magical place that creator, Albert Krigler, fell in love with throughout his travel in Europe.  This timeless scent is a refreshing combination of citrus notes with a sophisticated woody finish.

Where to Purchase: www.krigler.comThe Plaza Hotel One West 58th Street NY, NY

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