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Keep Your Timepiece Looking Brand Spanking New: Tips and Tricks

When we’ve got a new watch on our wrist, the world just seems a whole lot brighter. It goes without saying that you want to keep your new timepiece looking as new as possible for as long as possible. Nobody likes a scratched, worn out looking watch! In order to keep your timepiece looking brand spanking new, use the following tips and tricks as a guide:

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Don’t Wear it in The Pool or Gym Although some watches are designed to be worn in the pool/gym as well as every day, that doesn’t mean you have to. The gym can be dangerous, what with all of the heavy weights and machines. Your watch will be a scratch just waiting to happen! The pool can contain chemicals, which as you can imagine is not good for the finish of your watch. Depending on the make and quality, the finish could change colour or go dull. It’s up to you if you’d like to risk it, but taking it off before these activities will keep it looking brand new.


Take it for a Buffing Every so often, take your watch to be buffed by a professional jeweler. They can buff out any nasty little scratches, and greatly reduce the appearance. Of course your watch will get scratches from daily wear, but you can reduce them if you take them to be buffed every so often.


Change the Strap Sometimes, the strap is just beyond repair because of the amount you’ve worn the watch. Don’t panic! You can simply change the strap with a variety of watch bands. In many cases, this will help the watch to look brand new – and sometimes it’ll even make it look totally different. You could have the look of a new watch for a much cheaper price!


Get it Serviced Regularly A watch needs a good service from time to time. Just as you go to the dentist for a check up, your watch needs a service to make sure everything is running as it should be. If there are any problems cropping up, they can be fixed before they’ve even really begun. This shouldn’t cost you too much money and will ensure your watch is running at an optimal level.


Keep it Safe When Not in Use If you’re not wearing your watch, you should leave it on the side where dust and other things can get to it. You shouldn’t leave it in a jewelry box either, as other items can scratch the watch. It’s best if you put the watch in the box it came in, or better yet, in a watch box. If you have a watch box, you can display all of your watches together without worrying about them getting scratched. Great for the avid watch collector! A new looking watch looks great with all kinds of outfits – like the outfits in this post.


Now you can look after your timepiece and keep it looking amazing for longer. Thanks for reading!

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Fall into Style with #MaviJoggers

Fall is here! 3 days ago was the official Fall Equinox and I am more than ready to trade my flipflops for boots, my tank top for chunky knits and my skirts for Mavi’s newest Serena Joggers! They are super comfy soft denim joggers that have the looks of jeans but the comfort of jogging pants! They feature a small drawstring and a cuffed bottom.  If I could, I would leggings all day everyday but my version of ‘dress up’ lately is jeans.

Mavi Jeans provide a really cool and smooth way to transition into fall. They can be paired with ankle boots, little pumps and even sneakers.  The best part is they have both a drawstring and elastic waist!

I can’t wait to wear these!




Awesome Deals on GoodShop

Supporters of the ASPCA have already used it to raise more than $50,000.  Old Dog Haven in Lake Stevens, WA has earned more than $5,100, and the Elephant Sanctuary has raised nearly $20,000 because of it. Please let your readers know that they too can help their favorite cause (any cause or shelter they want) every time they save money and shop online!

That’s possible with – a shopping site and iOS app that provides deals and coupons at thousands of stores AND donates a percentage of the shoppers’ purchases to their chosen cause. There are scores of pet stores to shop and save at – including PetCo, PetSmart, and BarkBox – and shoppers and can choose from more than 100,000 nonprofits to support.

So, while your readers are shopping for Snowy’s favorite chew toy, they could also be funding shelter for a stray. Or, when saving on a new bed for Ginger, they could also be supporting research on protecting our sea creatures.  The shopper chooses the cause they want to help!   To date, Goodshop has raised more than $11 million for causes — for top animal-advocacy causes and more.


PetSmart – Save $10 off $60 or $20 off $100

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Come Clean Pop Culture Soap Dirty Dog Shampoo Bars

Can a simple bar of soap be reinvented? On a sunny New York City summer day, Yvonne Kai, the found of HEYDOYOU lifestyle blog decided, yes it can. With numerous social media clients under her belt, 7 years of blogging and a love for DIY projects – Come Clean Pop Culture Soap came to life.


Each bar begins with an inspiration stemming from pop culture. It is designed in a 360 manner starting with the key idea. Once the theme has been established, the next part of the design is the tint, color and texture of the soap. The finishing touch is a signature scent – created with a custom blend of 100% pure essential oils and quality fragrance oils. Come Clean Pop Culture Soaps are all natural, paraben free and contains no animal byproducts

The natural ingredients are of the highest grade and made in USA. Come Clean Pop Culture Soaps are made of kosher, vegetable glycerin, coconut oil and oat protein. Each bar is made to order,freshly hand-poured in New York City.

Come Clean Dirty Dog Shampoo Bars (MSRP $12)
Inspired by her own white Pitbull Terrier, Jacob, this bar was created with aromatherapy in mind. The essential oils in each bar have a specific benefit for dogs: Lemon Eucalyptus is a natural flea repellent, Bergamot Sage has natural calming properties and Coconut Lavender is moisturizing and relaxing. The dogs featured in each bar represent the most common rescued dogs in shelters across United States who brings immeasurable love to their new families.