Posts Written On August 17, 2014

Bitty Style: Back to School Cute @Redbubble

Back to school time is just around the corner!  That means fall fashion is in order and what better way to head back to class but with some very fun graphic t-shirts from duvet covers for dorms.

Just in time for back to school and fall, Redbubble is adding to their line of interior design products with the addition of duvet covers! Say goodbye to the traditional ho-hum duvet cover and say hello to individuality and personal flare.  With more than 11 million designs to choose from, Redbubble has something to match everyone’s style- from foxes to bikes to sci-fi.  Made of a polyester-printed topside with a soft cotton/polyester off-white underside, the duvets start at just $93.44. Available in three different sizes, twin (68″ x 88″), queen (88″ x 88″) and king (104″ x 88″), the duvets are perfect for any bed from college dorm rooms to master bedrooms, Redbubble has you covered, literally.Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 2.34.08 PM

Now for your BITTY!  Redbubble has a slew of incredibly cute products for your bitty – From Onesies for newborns to pillows for studying and reading. My cousin Michael was so kind to try out both for us!  Here is the Original COPY CAT T-Shirt by  in his favorite color RED!  He will be turning 3 in October! T-Vest Dino pillow by  is his new favorite nap buddy.


You can get this Throw Pillow on Redbubble too! It is the perfect size for hugging and sleeping with. You can also sit on it while doing craft projects and homework too!


Check out Redbubble for your back to school cute!


DIY Flower Crowns for Your Puppy

Pit bulls tend to get a bad rap in popular culture, usually being portrayed as ferocious and aggressive beasts. Sophie Gamand, a U.S.-based French photographer, has set out to change all that by photographing pitbulls posed with beautiful hippie flower crowns.

Her photo series, entitled, “Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution,” aims to show the sweeter side of these oft-misunderstood animals.

The models in Gamand’s photos are just a few of the dogs looking for homes at three rescue groups in New York. The proceeds from photo print sales will go to these shelters as well!

Inspired by Sophie Gamand, you can make your very own Flower Crown for your dog.

Step 1. Measure your dog’s head with a shoe lace, string or measuring tape.

Step 2. Create a circle with Floral Wire

Step 3. Fold the wire in half and twist each end so that you have a loop.
Step 4. Trim the flowers and wind the wire around the stems.  Secure the stems with a little piece of floral tape.
Step 5. Once you have all your flowers placed and taped to the wire, tie a piece of ribbon to each loop.  The ribbon doesn’t have to be that long – just long enough to tie the crown around your dog’s head or neck.
You can put it above or below the ears to secure it