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Vegan Lip Gloss from @Armourbeauty

There are a few things in life I just can’t get enough of… Lipgloss is amongst the top 3 for sure. I am so excited to show you the Armour Beauty’s Debut Vegan Lip Gloss!  They have an amazing vanilla/grapefuit scent and is the most opaque gloss ever.  The are really rich with shea butters and natural oils like mango seed, avocado, grape seed. It is not sticky (which I love) and it is 100% vegan, paraben free and gluten free!

Hi Way Star – Brilliant deep purple blue toned shimmer. Wears like a buttery lipstick. Pair with a cat eye and tons of mascara (check!). Named as an homage to the Band Deep Purple. How Rock n Roll!

Funhouse – An awesome dark red that is wearable for crimson kisses. I love this color because it is vampy and mysterious but still a true red gloss.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 9.16.22 PM

These colors will come out this October.

Photo on 7-30-14 at 9.02 PM

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The Summer Snack Winners Nutiva and Numi Organic Tea

Nothing says summer like a refreshing glass of iced tea. Kick the traditional beverage up a notch with recipes from superfoods brand, Nutiva, and Numi Organic Tea. They’ve combined both Nutiva’s Organic Black and White chia seeds with Numi’s Organic Tea blends for a treat that’s both nutritious and satisfying.

Chia seeds are a rich source of protein, antioxidants, essential omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. These super seeds are also an excellent source of essential minerals such as phosphorous, manganese, calcium, sodium and potassium. Adding chia seeds to your favorite beverage actually helps you feel satiated and is a great way to get your nutrients throughout the day.

Enjoy Nutiva’s new O’Coconut snacks with your iced tea. These snacks are crafted from lightly sweetened organic, fair trade coconut and have only 60 calories each. Enjoy pure coconut with O’Coconut Classic or try O’Coconut Hemp & Chia for additional nutty flavor and the nutritional benefits of Omega-3s. These are amazing and the perfect snack. I got a pack of them and the quickly disappeared from the pantry!


Iced Tea + Lemonade with Chia Seeds

Chia adds a superfood boost, while lemonade adds a light sweetness to the crisp, refreshing flavor of black tea.
1/2 tsp. Nutiva Organic Black Chia Seeds
2 Tbsp. water, room temperature
1 Numi Organic Tea – Breakfast Blend black tea bag
½ cup water, boiling
½ cup lemonade
Ice cubes
Lemon slices

1. Add chia seeds to 2 tbsp. of room temperature water. Stir to combine, and set aside for 5 minutes, until chia softens.
2. Meanwhile, bring ½ cup of water to boil.
3. Steep tea bag in hot water for 5 minutes.
4. Discard tea bag and pour tea into a tall glass. Add lemonade and chia seeds and stir to combine.
5. Top with ice, garnish with a lemon wedge and serve.


New @Forevermark Bridal Collections

More and more of my friends at getting hitched!  And even more of them are becoming Professional wedding planners. Whether you are married, getting married or single, there is no harm in taking a peek and checking out some diamond rings. Here are some new diamonds from Forevermark Bridal Collection.

Which one is your favorite?

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Vibrant new fragrance: JOSIE

Fashion designer, Josie Natori, announces her vibrant new fragrance, JOSIE.

From the House of Natori, designer Josie Natori launches her dynamic new fragrance, JOSIE. Vibrant and modern, the JOSIE scent breaks rules and breaks out bringing an exhilarating approach to sensuality!

Josie Natori is a visionary designer who reimagined an industry, erasing the boundary between innerwear and outerwear by elevating the concept of lingerie for consumers around the globe. Over her 37-year career, Josie has turned simple elements of daily life into beautiful essentials.
Of all the brands that comprise the House of Natori, JOSIE is the designer
s most eclectic expression. Partnering with prestige beauty company LUXE Brands to develop the JOSIE fragrance Natori’s newest scent is set to become the centerpiece of the JOSIE lifestyle collection.

“My vision for LUXE Brands is to build an enduring portfolio of global prestige brands that resonates strongly with consumers. I couldn’t be happier with the JOSIE fragrance and the longterm partnership that we’re building with the Natori team.” — Tony Bajaj, Chief Executive Officer, LUXE Brands

Josie Natori hi-res bottle


The JOSIE brand is multi-cultural, multi-faceted and multi-hued. The JOSIE woman has a youthful attitude and vibrant spirit. She proudly banishes beige and lives passionately in full color. Natori brings this attitude to life by using pops of color, bold graphics, and an intriguing mix of patterns & textures in her designs.

The JOSIE brands next realm is olfactive, translating the essence of JOSIE fashion into a new scent with a spirited energy and sexy edge. Inspired by JOSIE women who live life with no rules, no pretenses, and no apologies — from the scent to the rule-breaking packaging, each element of the JOSIE fragrance is juxtaposed to capture the energetic spirit of the JOSIE woman.

“I wanted to create a fragrance for JOSIE that exudes charisma. I am thrilled with the scent – it truly captures the essence of the brand. Today’s woman knows that there is value in expressing her true self and the JOSIE fragrance, a beautiful sensual scent, gives her one more way to express her irrepressible individual style.” — Josie Natori


Vibrant. Confident. Effortlessly Sexy.

The JOSIE fragrance is about sensuality that sparkles, and floats, and envelops, and effortlessly says “Im here…come closer.” JOSIE is a sexy, contemporary scent that is a beautiful blend of energetic femininity and enveloping sensuality.

The introduction

The fragrance opens with a vibrant accord of crisp Asian Pear and Bergamot showered with luscious Dewy Leaves to announce “I’m here.”

The heart

A voluptuous bouquet of Sampaguita, Freesia, and Wild Orchid playfully radiates a feminine point of view.

The national flower of the Philippines, Sampaguitas name is derived from sumpa kitawhich means „I promise you; and the Sampaguita flower is a symbol of love.

The close

The intoxicating mixture of Sandalwood and White Musk intensifies with Patchouli – leaving a sexy and addictive trail of see-through sensuality.

“There is a confidence that comes alive in Josie’s lingerie….sexy, yet still approachable. We mirrored that feeling in the fragrance, showcasing the signature Sampaquita flower from Josie’s native Philippines with texture from patchouli and woods, and bold strokes of color.” — Perfumer Frank Voelkl and Master Perfumer Honorine Blanc


A unique contemporary work of art, the JOSIE fragrance packaging captures the brand’s design aesthetic in a bold and innovative way. The bottle is unapologetically daring. In front, it has charisma to spare with bold black & white graphic columns. From the side, its distinct modern silhouette is juxtaposed with the modern transparency of a see-through dip tube in JOSIEs signature red.

The carton offers its own unique twist on the classic black & white graphic and surprises with a burst of feminine florals inside. The Collection packaging is beautifully mismatched to achieve a statement of perfect imperfection.



3.4 oz Eau de Parfum
1.7 oz Eau de Parfum
.25 oz Eau de Parfum Rollerball 6.8 oz Body Cream
6.75 oz Body Lotion

$95.00 $75.00 $22.00 $58.00 $45.00

All prices are manufacturers suggested retail prices in US dollars.
The JOSIE fragrance is available at select prestige department stores in July 2014. ABOUT THE HOUSE OF NATORI:

The House of Natori was founded in 1977 and today is one of the fashion industry’s most recognizable designer brands. Each of the Natori brand collections — Josie Natori, Natori, N Natori and Josie by Natori — is a reflection of the namesake designer’s distinctive, East/West aesthetic, with products ranging from ready-to-wear, lingerie, and sleepwear, to home textiles and accessories, bath, fragrance and eyewear. Natori products are available in the world’s leading retailers and specialty stores, including Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Dillard’s, among many others.


LUXE Brands is a prestige beauty company with a portfolio of brands distributed in over 70 countries. The company was founded by Chief Executive Officer, Tony Bajaj, with a mission to develop and market global prestige beauty brands. LUXE Brands launched the JOY FOREVER fragrance in 2014, reinvigorating the renowned JEAN PATOU fragrance brand which includes the extraordinary classic scents, JOY, 1000 and Sublime. The company followed quickly with a long-term partnership with The Natori Company to develop and launch a series of lifestyle collections.