Week 2 of Pet360.com’s #SummerOfPets Starts NOW!

Everything you need to know about Pet360.com’s #SummerOfPets Week 2 – All American Furry Fun

Week 2 of Pet360.com’s #SummerOfPets is just getting started with All American Furry Fun in honor of the upcoming July 4th holiday! This week, we’ve got a brand new giveaway with all natural Made In The USA products from Only Natural Pet, along with a wide selection of Made In The USA products available for purchase.


small-content**Pet360 Blogger Challenge**

Buy Made In The USA products this week!


Use statistics to show how buying Made In The USA products helps the economy

In a recent Pet360 Community poll, over 86% of our members indicated that they prefer to buy products that are made in the USA, while 12% stated that they try to buy them as often as they can.

$15 off + FREE SHIPPING on orders over $89, Use Code: SUN15


Plus – check out our #SummerOfPets giveaway, content and community conversations for Week 2!


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