Posts Written On June 21, 2014

Beauty and the Geek – Fashionable Google Glass

Next Monday, Diane Von Furstenburg is set to launch her fashion-forward collaboration with Google Glass, just ahead of the Google I/O Developer conference. This designer partnership begs the question – is Google Glass getting trendier to make the wearable technology more “wearable?”

Techies rejoiced at the initial launch of Google Glass and this move could be a push to get fashionistas to look at the technology as a must-have accessory. It’s fashion meeting function, perfect for capturing life’s biggest moments in style. Arguably, no moment in life is bigger than a wedding day, a fete that also happens to be a veritable fashion show. As DVF models wore Google Glass down the runway, would brides want this technology parading down the aisle on their big day?

According to the David’s Bridal “What’s on Brides’ Minds” survey, the answer is yes. When asked if they’d like Google Glass to capture the moment at their ceremony and reception, 81 percent of brides said yes. Who would they most like equipped with the technology?

  • 43 percent said the wedding guests
  • 40 percent said the wedding party
  • 31 percent said their significant other
  • 29 percent wanted to wear it themselves
  • And 23 percent said the officiant

*Respondents were able to choose multiple people


With Google Glass expanding its reach with designer partnerships like this, this could be the next social media trend at weddings and beyond. Thought this information might work in any pieces you might be working on surrounding Google, the DVF partnership or wedding season in general, or could be a fun social media post surrounding the upcoming week of tech news.

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