The PERFECT fit with @hudsonjeans


You know those girls that always look great in their jeans? I always wondered where they bought their jeans, because I have searched high and low, and I can’t seem to find jeans that are the right wash, and have the perfect fit. No that’s a lie, I’ve found jeans that have come close to having that perfect fit, however they cost an arm and leg, and that just ain’t happening. So like many girls who aren’t willing to break the bank for those “perfect” jeans, and have had enough of that gaping problem that most jeans have when they fit everywhere else perfectly but are too big on your waist; I settled for boyfriend jeans and stopped looking… And then I discovered Hudson Jeans.


 My favourite  piece from the collection!

I was invited to attend a preview of Hudson Jeans’ Fall/Winter 2014, and let me tell you, I was not expecting to fall in love, or find myself lusting over several pairs of jeans. By the time I left, I was ready to throw out all my boyfriend jeans and replace them with several pairs of Hudson Jeans. How can I be sure that they have the perfect fit? Because there were several women of all shapes, sizes and heights rocking Hudson Jeans and they all fit perfectly! And they’re totally affordable; all the pieces I loved were no more than $200 a pair. That still might be a little pricey but it’s way better than spending rent money on a perfect pair of jeans. SOLD.

Check out some of my favourite pieces below!!


These are the most perfect blue jeans ever! Great wash, nice stretch, perfect length and they look great on!


I love the details on this pair of jeans!IMG_3011

Mixed media and prints? YES. YES. YASSSSSS!IMG_3034

I loved that there was a pair of jeans of every kind of woman; straight leg, skinny, bootcut, baby bootcut, some with little to no detail, and others with just enough detail. Need. Everything.IMG_2989

I love this jacket! Looks like leather right? Except it’s terry cloth. Mind. Blown.IMG_2993

I hear the “Byron” is real popular with men. Perfect fit, with several great washes to choose from.

Corduroy never looked so good. They look like jeans!

The “Byron”IMG_2999 IMG_3002

PERFECTION.IMG_3003 IMG_3004 IMG_3007 IMG_3009 IMG_3011 IMG_3012 IMG_3013

Love these! Gold’s not your colour? Not to worry they have a pair with silver stripes!

IMG_3019 IMG_3021

Both of these ladies are rocking Hudson Jeans, and they both look great! Look at how perfectly they fit!!!

IMG_3024 IMG_3026

YES a million times to these mixed media jeans!IMG_3029 IMG_3030

I’ve never even considered wearing this type of wash, until I saw these!IMG_3031 IMG_3032 IMG_3033 IMG_3037 IMG_3039 IMG_3046

These are too awesome!

Thank you so much for inviting us. I’m officially a Hudson Jeans convert!


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