Bitty Style: FIFA World Cup Brasil @ChildrensPlace

Our household is gearing up for something that occurs every 4 years, World Cup! We are so excited to introduce soccer to our bitty! We bought the official sticker album, something any toddler + would enjoy. Secretly, I got it for myself since D is just 4 months. 😉


I had to have the soccer bodysuit and hat for her I found at The Children’s Place, they make a whole line of sports balls bodysuits. Since our home is divided- Mexico vs. Colombia- she will have to be the ball until she can choose to follow the right team (*ahem MEXICO) World Cup is a great way to get kids excited about soccer and learn about the world around them. Look up the list of matches here, together with your bitty pick out a few you would like to watch, and learn about the countries playing.

Food is a great way to learn about cultures- see what snacks they eat and try to recreate them. You can make a poster of the food they eat, language they speak, and some random fun facts. On game day set up the poster board and watch the match! Hopefully this will motivate you and your family to get out there and kick the ball around together. For now we will dress up our bitty as the ball and watch her attempt to roll.

*World Cup starts on June 12th, Brazil vs. Croatia!

– Adalhi

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