Posts Written On May 18, 2014

For the Love of Glass Jewelry @Revetro

The most beautiful recycled glass jewelry is now available at Revetro!  If you have seen recycled liquor bottles cut into glasses and snack dishes – you will be thrilled that they have now created this wearable pieces. On there is a range of items like glasses/sunglasses hoops, necklaces, rings, bangles and home decor. It is hard to believe that these were all once discarded alcohol bottles!

This is my favorite, the Grey Goose bangle

The perfect bracelet for the Grey Goose lover! This bangle is handcrafted from a repurposed Grey Goose Vodka bottle. The bracelet will feature the part of the vodka bottle with the mountain scenery with flying geese.

Quantity: One bangle
Bottle: Grey Goose Vodka
Glass Color: Clear with mountains and geese
Size: Inside diameter 2.625 inches, varies slightly
SIZING TIP // find a bracelet or watch you own that you are able to slide over your wrist and wear comfortably. Measure the inside diameter of that piece to see if it is close to the measurement of our bangle. All bangle sizes are approximates and could vary an eighth of an inch.

reVetro products are handcrafted from recycled materials. The glass size, shape and hue will vary slightly due to the nature of our repurposed designs. Your bracelet will be one of a kind.

More of a Gin and Tonic kind of girl?

Check out these really cool Bombay Sapphire necklace pendants.

Our Square Copper Charm Necklace is handcrafted from a repurposed Bombay Gin bottle. The sapphire blue sea glass is framed with antiqued copper and has an organic look. No two charms are alike and your necklace will be one of a kind.

Bottle: Bombay Gin
Glass Color: Sapphire blue, sea glass
Glass Size: 1-inch, approximate
Chain: Copper metal ball chain
Chain Length: 16 to 18 inch, adjustable

Belvedere Vodka Ring!

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