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The Magic of St Ives @STIvesSkin


All because winter is now over – Thank GOD!!  You should still moisturize your skin. The sun can dehydrate you and coming in and out of air conditioned buildings is also not great for your skin. You can easily transition your skincare to lightweight products. Our Fresh Hydration Spray Lotions (FHL) are great for warm-weather hydration as they provide that moisturized lotion feel, but without feeling heavy!

Check out St Ives next time you are at the drug store!


Petco Pulls All China Made Dog Products off Shelves!

By now you’ve heard about Petco’s plans to stop selling China-made dog and cat treats in its more than 1,300 locations at the end of this year.

With more than 1,000 dog deaths and nearly 5,000 illnesses reported by the FDA, Petco is the first national pet retail chain to take action, but others are likely to follow suit.

Given growing concerns over imported pet food, pet retailers are now boasting a “Made in the USA” label, and an industry shift to “human grade” – the ultimate seal of safety – is next.


More reason to get #ComeClean soap from my Etsy store!  All Natural and hand poured in NYC!! 🙂 definitely human grade!



Bitty Play: Slick Sand @DuneCraft

Finally spring is here!  Time to head outside for some fun in the sun. Sand and water are perpetual preschooler favourites.


But what if you have a kid who doesn’t like getting their hands dirty?  Turns out DuneCraft has just the thing. Slick Sand is colourful and magical.

image-2 image-1

It can be shaped in water but never gets wet! When asked what it feels like, my son said, “it feels like nice!”.


The silky texture makes it perfect for little hands to explore. Like the Water Marbles, Slick Sand is endlessly ‘replayable’.

image-4I like that the product is environmentally friendly and contains information on industrial and everyday uses of slick sand.


Definitely kid approved!  Check out more DuneCraft products on


3 Steps for Summer from @SebamedUSA

Warmer temps call for sleeveless shirts and swimsuits, exposing an area of the body that receives very little attention: Armpits!


The mindless daily shave and quick roll of deodorant steal 50 percent of moisture from skin and wreak havoc on underarm’s delicate pH balance, causing problems like dryness, redness, bumps and itchiness. Constant irritation also exacerbates hyperpigmentation, which is one cause of darkened armpits.
Fortunately, pits aren’t picky. Spending just 60 seconds on this easy, three-step routine from Sebamed can keep underarm’s pH in check for a worry-free, comfortable day:

Gently Cleanse with a Soap-Free Wash: Using your hands or a gentle microfiber cloth, cleanse the underarms with an ultra-mild wash like Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash. The soap-free formula deep cleanses while naturally conditioning and restoring skin to the ideal pH 5.5, and using your hands or a soft cloth instead of a loofah helps protect skin’s delicate barrier. ($19.95 for 400mL,


Consciously Rinse and Pat Dry: Most of us forget to completely rinse and dry this area, causing water and cleansing residue to linger under the arms for unwanted itchiness. Instead of rubbing harshly with a towel, gently pat skin dry, which is much less abrasive.


Swipe on Sensitive Skin Deodorant: Many deodorants are based on harsh chemicals. Look for one made with balsam, a common hydrating oil that’s plant derived and soothing on sensitive skin. Apply one thin, even layer to the full area of the armpit (about a three-inch circle) using a gentle, single up-and-down swipe.


Glitter Beauty Bonanza @essence_US

Essence is an amazing make up brand! I first discovered Essence when I was traveling in Europe and with all the fun candy colored nail polish, lipsticks and eyeshadows – I instantly remembered it when it came to the US!  It is a makeup brand available in drugstores and beauty supply stores that allows you to get all the colors you want to try without spending a fortune.  I really want to try this berry lip trend for summer and some pale blue glitter. I picked up these few items and have been using it for the past month!  I love the Lash Mania for a brow darkener. It really creates dramatic and darker brows for me!

They have great color pay off and if you check out any of the swatches available online you will see that most of their colors are true to how you see them!

This is 100% necessary for summer glittery eye looks!

Essence has a lot of fun on Social Media too! Lots of contests going on always on Twitter, Facebook and IG.

Everything is under $4.99 in the line so how can you say no!!


Brooklyn’s MOUTH Launching Online Spirits Shop Today @Mouthfoods

Highly Curated, Distinctive Craft Spirits and A Selection of Wines
from Outstanding, Small, Independent Distilleries and Wineries Across the U.S.
For Immediate Release; New York,, the ultimate source for indie food and tasty gifts, is launching the first online indie spirits and wine shop today. The new online shop follows the recent opening of MOUTH’s brick-and-mortar indie spirits gallery, located at 192 Water Street in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Both the online and DUMBO shops exclusively carry products made in America by small wineries and distilleries, many of which are only available online through MOUTH. The DUMBO store currently offers 140 distinctive spirits and 20 wines from over 85 makers representing 25 states. MOUTH’s online shop is launching with a curated selection of 60 products and gifts and will soon expand to include the same offerings as the Brooklyn store.
MOUTH’s spirits assortment is highly curated and includes absinthe, brandy, bottled cocktails, gin, liqueur, moonshine, rum, vermouth, vodka, whiskey, bourbon, rye, and more. Wines include red, white, sweet, sparkling, and rosé. With stunning bottles and outstanding products, the new online store is a must-visit site to shop for entertaining and special occasions. In addition to individual products, MOUTH will offer subscriptions like “Gin Every Month” and “Bourbon Every Mouth,” and gifts will include collections like “Raise the Bar” and “Three Cheers for Dad,” just in time for Father’s Day.
In the hunt for the best indie food created across the country, MOUTH discovered a parallel movement happening in spirits – skillful, passionate, inspired makers who value craft and bring great enthusiasm and passion to making beverages. MOUTH’s goal is to celebrate and support these entrepreneurs and bring their outstanding products to customers thirsty for something they’ve never tasted before: spirits made by people, not companies. MOUTH’s small, eclectic selection of delicious and affordable wines focuses on those made naturally, many by hand.
“Just as in the indie food movement, we’re seeing a powerful rise of the independent maker in the spirits world. We’re blown away by the products from these craft spirits and wine producers and thrilled to bring them to our customers. We look forward to continuing to help small, independent companies grow,” MOUTH’s CEO, Craig Kanarick, said.
All MOUTH deliveries arrive packaged in MOUTH’s signature branded tote.
A few standout products, with amazing stories behind them, include:

Industry City Industry Standard Vodka
Made in Brooklyn in fermenters and stills they designed and built themselves, this beet sugar-derived vodka sits at the intersection of science and art and just might be the future of vodka in America.
Falcon Spirits Botanica Gin
Over 50 herbs and spices go in to this citrus-forward gin from a brand new distiller in Richmond, CA, by a former biochemist who developed a passion for distilling during grad school at UC-Berkeley. It’s new to New York and is a great example of the new class of complex American gins gracing MOUTH’s shelves.
Art in the Age Root
The first uniquely American bitter digestif, this sarsaparilla-tasting liqueur from Philadelphia is quickly becoming a favorite of craft spirit fans.
Monteverdi Spirits Nocino
This traditional and difficult-to-produce Italian walnut liqueur is revered all over Italy and Switzerland, but MOUTH thinks this version, hailing from Napa, trumps any produced in Europe.
Letherbee Distillers Malört / Bësk
A collaboration with Robert Franklin Haynes, head bartender of Chicago’s The Violet Hour (one of the best cocktail bars in the country), and a beautiful example of an indie distiller elevating a misunderstood classic spirit.
Catskill Distilling Company The One and Only Buckwheat
Since buckwheat isn’t technically a grain it can’t be legally called whiskey, but it definitely tastes like a great whiskey! In fact, it’s so good other distilleries are trying to follow with their own versions, but this original will be really hard to knock off.
Garrison Brothers Distillery Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Fall 2013
Until recently this was only available in the area around the distillery and it generated huge buzz. Every bottle is hand-signed by the distiller and the whiskey has a distinct flavor born on a Texas ranch.
1512 Spirits 100% Rye Whiskey
100% Rye whiskey is incredibly difficult to make, but when it’s done this well it has a complexity that few spirits can match. This one is made by a third-generation barber and distiller (the first to distill legally), and you can still visit his barbershop in San Francisco for a haircut and a shave!
Germain-Robin Single Barrel Pinot Noir Brandy V127
They only produced around 400 bottles back in 1992. This isn’t just great American brandy – it deserves a place alongside the absolute best Cognac has to offer!
Gift selections include:
Summer Spirit
Time to kick back and unwind with our seasonal sippers. MOUTH has assembled the best collection to cap off a hot day spent grill-side or poolside.
Three Cheers for Dad!
Raise a glass and toast your #1 man with three stunning, manly, gift-worthy bottles – vodka, bourbon and gin.
Raise the Bar 
Indie-American upgrades for a well-stocked bar cart, or an awesome starter kit for the budding mixologist. Available in two sizes: Raise the bar a little, with gin, vodka and bourbon; Raise the bar a lot, with all that plus rum, vermouth and bitters.
Top Shelf
The top of the top – truly impressive, stunning, inspirational bottles selected from MOUTH’s uppermost shelves. Pull out all the stops for an extra-special occasion or gift.
Grand Master Flask
Three retro-bottled, classic American spirits to keep in your back pocket, so to speak. The perfect size for picnics, concerts or small gifting.
MOUTH’S Online Spirits + Wine Shop
MOUTH Indie Spirits + Wine Gallery
Tuesday through Saturday, 4-8pm
192 Water Street, DUMBO, Brooklyn
Based in DUMBO, Brooklyn, MOUTH is the ultimate online store for the best indie food products and tasty gifts. Handmade, small-batch, indie food made by people, not companies, created from start to finish with a high level of personal attention and craft (and with stunning packaging as well). The site features over 700 beautiful and delicious items from small producers, including candy, caramel, chocolates, cookies, crackers, jerky, jams and jellies, herbs, honey, nut butters, pickles, coffee, popcorn, salami, sauces, snacks, spices, sweets, gifts, and so much more.  MOUTH recently launched new coffee and cheese categories, with more to come, including bacon. With a focus on higher quality and better ingredients, many of the products are fair trade and organic and are produced in a way that is respectful of the planet and your health. MOUTH ships throughout the U.S. and Canada, and internationally by request.