The Fabergé #TheBigEggHuntNYC

Did giant chickens take over NYC and lay their eggs?

While they may have been spotted on April 1st, this was no April’s Fools!  The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt NYC is the worlds largest egg hunt, with over 250 eggs created by world known artist and designers. From April 1-17 the eggs will be scattered all around NYC, and on the 18th they will all be “nesting” at Rockefeller Center until the 25th. A few lucky hunters will win necklaces from Fabergé!

Not only is this an egg hunt but also a charity. They will be donating money to two amazing causes, Studio in a School and Elephant Family.
Download the app, The Big Egg Hunt NYC, grab those kiddos and explore the city so you can start collecting those eggs!
 Can’t make it to NYC? no worries they have you covered! Go over and get a mini egg in the Big Egg Hunt NYC store. Perfect to add to your Easter decor.
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