Color My World: Dabbawalla Bags for Summer!

Summer is coming and it’s time to start wearing bright colors again!

After the long and cold winter, there is nothing more special than brightening up your home with a Dabbawalla backpack! Dabbawalla Bags are the fun and functional way for adventurers of all ages to tote lunch and gear in style. Inspired by the legendary system of dabbawallas delivering homemade lunch to thousands of office workers in India, Dabbawalla Bags continues the tradition with its modern line of individually-crafted bags for families. Perfect for carrying lunch and gear to school or work, our vibrant, whimsical designs are designed for rough-n-tumble fun, yet are stylish enough to stand out from the crowd.


My cousin Michael, a bitty, just adores the Dabbawalla Color My World Crayon backpack. With its soft but structured shape, inner pockets, and bright crayons – I hope this backpack will inspire some creativity for him this summer! The best part about the Dabbawalla backpack is that it comes in all types of different animal shapes and sizes . There are backpacks, lunch bags, lunch purses – for both little boys and girls! If you are looking for a present for your bitty this summer, you will find it useful for picnics, parks and day trips.

  • Sized and designed specifically for preschool and early elementary school
  • Perfect for carrying lunch and gear to school, day trips or overnight adventures
  • Cushioned, flexible straps that adjust from the inside and can be pulled tight when not in use
  • Outside back pocket and three inside mesh pockets
  • Dimensions: 12″L x 11″W x 6″
  • Sewn in Taiwan by a family-owned and operated facility that supports responsbile labor practices and environmental stewardship
  • Machine Washable (front loaders only) or hand wash, and drip dry
  • All Dabbawalla Bags are 100% toxic free, with zero lead, BPA-free, and no phthalates or PVC

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 4.26.07 PM


Moms love Dabbawalla bags for their kids because of its light weight and divided pockets inside the backpack.  Kids love it because of the colors and cute characters.  The straps are very practical because it is on the inside of the backpack and easy to adjust.  The fabric is so soft and very gentle on the little one’s skin (to prevent chafing). The best bag for kids available on the market hands down because it is easy to carry and not heavy at all!


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Color their world with a whimsical crayon backpack that is perfect for the young preschooler about to embark on a lifetime of adventures. The Crayon Backpack comes with adjustable stretchy straps, an easy grip handle on top, and inside and outside pockets to organize gear. And when the exploration gets messy, this eco- friendly backpack is completely washable. Individually crafted from a revolutionary foam material that is degradable, recyclable and 100% toxic-free.

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