Bitty Play: @DuneCraft Super Slippery Bouncy Balls

‘Just add water’ is the perfect instructions for budding preschooler scientists. Dunecraft’s Balls start out as little hard bits, then miraculously grow into rainbow, glow in the dark or clear balls when you put them in water. My son loved watching the balls get bigger and then bouncing and exploding them.


We also had a simplified discussion on osmosis while playing. The balls grow nicely in a clear jar but you will not want to be deprived of the sensory experience of handling them. Of course that can make for a messy clean up. If you can wait until they dry though, they vacuum up easily.


You have seen these at florists before. Now your kids can enjoy them too over and over again as they shrink and dry and are put back in water to grow again. Watch out that your little guy doesn’t try eating them as they do look very candy like.


These miniature marbles have a lot more to them than meets the eye. Just add water and let the fun begin as the balls expand hundreds of times in size! The warmer the water, the faster they grow! Grow a variety of amazing balls, balls that glow, balls that looks like marbles and much more! They slip, slide, bounce, and break! Let them dry out and store them in a sealed bag to easily reuse for hours of ball bouncing fun!
The Dunecraft toys retail for $4.99 and is great for weekend fun to keep the little ones busy but also learn a bit about science!

Looking forward to a warm day to try DuneCraft’s Slick Sand outside.

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