Posts Written On April 24, 2014

Mother’s Day Special @theBodyShopusa

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Moms, Grandmas, Aunties, and pet-parents deserve gifts everyday but for Mother’s Day this year May 11.  Make sure you get her something she can use! The Body Shop has so many new scents, pre wrapped items at an amazing price point that your mom will surely love. I was so lucky go to their store right by Astor Place to check out all the items, smell yummy lotions and see what they had and put together a basket for Mother’s Day! By the way…My best friend and I use to give the bossiest girl in our class a mother’s day present every year. ha ha.

Not sure what to get? Stick to the most popular ingredient collections: Shea, Moringa and Satsuma

But what are some of my personal favorites in the store….Well it really depends on your mom now doesn’t it?

1. Sassy Yummy Mommy – The Raspberry collection is perfect for that young mom, that new mom and that mom who is always fun and the life to the party!   I select this for Alaia Rose’s Mommy!  She is a fashion stylist and a mom, tart, juicy and awesome.


2. The Adventure Mom – Whether is a rainstorm getaway fort or a picnic in the living room, this mom knows how to make fun and imagination top priority! She can create a portrait out of a plate of food and make veggies and fruits into an adventure snack. I pick the Banana shampoo for Suri’s Mom!


3. Sweetheart Mom – This mom is adored by all the other parents for her doting ways. She may not be perfect but she is a sweetheart and you can always trust her with a playdate. Being an even-kneeled mom in the midst of a ‘shit storm’ while being sweet and looking fashionable is what HoneyMania is all about. Social media maven Nori’s mom takes the cake for being a sweetheart mom! Now how many nannies does she have…. Ummm…


Stop by THE BODY SHOP’s 2,500 franchised stores in 61 countries for Mother’s Day this year for the perfect gift!