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86th Floor Party for @Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary!

How did we make Mustang’s big 50th celebration truly special?

Ford moved the party to the observation deck on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building.

Ford took the Mustang apart and put it back together high above the Manhattan skyline to re-create the festivities from 1965.

Check out these incredible photos from Ford:

We had so much fun checking out the Ford and was so happy to be a part of the celebrations!

Timed to the 50th anniversary of Mustang’s debut, fashion innovators including Anna Sui, Rogan, Paula Cademartori, CO|TE and Pamela Love will celebrate the iconic pony car through a limited-edition line of shirts for the Mustang Unleashed collection. Last night, at the Empire State Building where the all-new Mustang convertible was on display 86 stories above New York City – replicating the Mustang debut 50 years ago  the designers came together to announce the unique collaboration during a panel discussion, featuring their personal inspirations for the Mustang designs they will create.


Five visionary designers

As trendsetters, the Mustang Unleashed designers embody the Mustang spirit. They are emotive, expressive and “unleashed” in their own right, living and working with a sense of freedom and individual style. These smart, sophisticated and confident designers are:

  • Anna Sui: A Detroit native, Sui and the Ford Mustang have quite a bit in common. Her work effortlessly mixes vintage style with current cultural obsessions, transcending eras to create true “originals”
  • Rogan: Founded by Rogan Gregory and Scott Mackinlay-Hahn, Rogan combines soulful minimalism with traditional quality to create strong graphic statements. Through extensive research, Rogan yields innovative fabrications driven by an intellectual utilitarianism that blends modernism and asymmetrical construction
  • Paula Cademartori: As a designer of Italian and Brazilian origin, Cademartori moved to Italy in 2005, where she honed her unremitting passion for fashion and for the concept of feminine beauty. She has been acknowledged as an emerging designer by Vogue Italia. 2010 marked Cademartori’s international debut with her first collection of bags created for the spring/summer 2011 fashion season
  • CO|TE: Founded by Tomaso Anfossi and Francesco Ferrari, the Italian brand is quickly gaining momentum in the fashion world for freely reinterpreting established design themes from a contemporary point of view
  • Pamela Love: A native New Yorker, Love began making jewelry in her Brooklyn apartment in 2006. Since then, she has created a full production facility and design studio in Manhattan’s garment district. Love’s line of unique jewelry pieces is committed to sustainability and localized production

Mustang Pinball Machines!

Celebrating an icon

Today, these designers will meet at the Empire State Building, where the all-new Mustang convertible will be on display 86 stories above New York City, to launch the Mustang Unleashed collection and reveal their personal inspirations for the shirts they will create. Showcasing the all-new 2015 Mustang on the observation deck of the architectural landmark replicates the Mustang debut there in 1965.

“As designers, we strive to create beautiful, functional clothing evoking iconic and timeless work,” said Rogan co-founder Mackinlay-Hahn. “Mustang achieves this both in its design and role in popular culture through the years. We’re inspired by the lines and movement of the vehicle – it’s a unique meeting of sophistication and toughness.”

50 years of Mustang

Ford Mustang is the newest member of a very exclusive club – vehicles in continuous production for 50 years. During the last five decades, Mustang has gained worldwide popularity and become an enduring part of pop culture, with more than 9.2 million cars sold and more than 3,300 appearances on film and TV – including Mustang’s latest big-screen appearance as the hero car in “Need for Speed.”

Mustang’s unique combination of style, performance and affordability established an entirely new class of sporty car. Now, the most advanced version yet, the 2015 model features an all-new, sophisticated design and a host of innovative new technologies and connectivity systems.

So much delicious food as well! Portobello mushroom bar with blue cheese panini, chicken hotdogs, quinoa salad, mini chicken pot pie, seafood stew, hot dog skewers, BLT on shortcake, mini burgers and so much more.

Also in honor of the anniversary, Ford and OPI have announced the line-up of colors for the OPI Ford Mustang collection that features six inspired shades. Available in U.S. stores in July, the limited edition includes: hero color Race Red, 50 Years of Style, Queen of the Road, Girls Love Ponies, Angel with a Leadfoot and The Sky’s My Limit.


Shopping with Isis Wallet #VZWBeauty

Last week, my life changed because of my new phone!  My Samsung Galaxy S5 has really changed my daily life because of the amazing camera! Verizon has been great in helping me get use to my new phone and the world of Android APPS.

I went to visit my local Duane Reade in Soho for the “DuaneReade Beauty Challenge.” I got to pick up some beauty essentials by using the Isis Mobile Wallet on the Verizon Droid MAXX.

What did I get?  Some adorable items from POP Beauty, Demeter Butterscotch, L’Oreal Kohl Liner!

I had fun using the Verizon Android phone taking pics of this iconic Duane Reade. #VZWBeauty team.

The camera is great for panoramic shots, selfies and works well outside and inside.   Hard to choose but I came back with a bunch of goodies!

The ISIS Wallet app is an easy way to pay – All you have to is pull it up, scan it at the cash register and it vibrates to confirm that you have paid. Isis allows consumers with compatible 4G LTE smartphones to load their credit cards, access store loyalty cards and take advantage of participating merchant offers and promotions. Isis is an easy, safe and secure way to pay – the app is PIN-protected, so you select a unique pin to enter each time you open the Wallet, and it also has a remote locking feature, so if your phone is lost, one call or click can freeze your Wallet.

The smartphone that I used to tap and pay is the Droid Ultra (exclusive to Verizon Wireless). Here’s where you can view the full list of Verizon’s Isis-ready phones:

There are so many locations in Soho you can use the ISIS app like Duane Reade, Mackage Soho, American Apparel, Free People, Jamba Juice and Zara.

Just link with your Wells Fargo or AMEX card and you are good to go.

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