Posts Written On April 10, 2014

3 More Days of Free McCafe

We all need that cup of coffee, why not get it for free! Grab your cup of free McCafé Coffee throughout this week till 4/13 during breakfast hours at participating McDonald’s!

Before heading to work today, remember to get your free McCafé Coffee at McDonald’s! #McCafe #freecoffee


Aside from the Free Coffee event, McCafé partnered with the Fung Brothers, YouTube comedians and foodies…
Fung Brothers and McCafé video:


Handmade Beauty: Art of Henri

Ever heard of Art of Henri?

Founded in 2010, Art of Henri creates unique, handmade collections inspired by their family’s heritage of past jewelers, sculptors and artists. Art of Henri is a true believer that gemstones and metal carry certain energies; therefore each piece is an organic, one-of-a-kind design that combines specific metals with vibrant, natural gemstones to create modern, wearable works of art. Art of Henri’s inspiration, according to the brand’s creative designer and co-founder, Natalie Torre, comes from a Japanese term called wabi-sabi, which is an aesthetic centered on finding beauty in imperfection. It is the acceptance that imperfections give the object greater value. Art of Henri uses this inspiration as guidance to create and design pieces that are authentic and give a sense of flawed beauty.