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If you played with gimp or spaghetti string when you were young, you know how fun it is to make your own bracelets! The Loom Boom is a colorful and awesome storage solution to all your LOOM bracelets you make! Loom bracelets are easy, fast and fun to make and you can make double the bracelets in half the time.

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Quick Facts:

  • Organize, display, transport and share your loom creations
  • Features bright colored tubes that can hold up to 40 bracelets
  • The tube is detachable from the base, giving you easy access to bracelets at the bottom
  • The base contains extra storage compartments for loom bands, charms, clips, and other spare parts
  • Available in a variety of color combinations
  • Can be purchased nationwide for $9.99 at Michael’s and Learning Express

Like all loom-crazed households, rubber-band bracelets were taking over. As moms, Katy and Lauren (Co-Founders) loved the focus and creativity it provided for their kids. Every new stitch their children learned produced more patterns, more colors and more creations. However, these bracelets were winding up everywhere, from their couch cushions to their dog’s mouth. It was a problem that needed solving! They stumbled upon a solution when Katy’s five-year-old son, Jake, housed his ever-growing collection of bracelets on a paper towel roll! What began with a simple concept has now developed into a first-of-its kind product intended to organize, display, transport and share. Sometimes children see things so clearly, and they jumped on his simple yet genius idea.

The Loom Boom features bright-colored tubes that can hold up to 40 bracelets. The tube is detachable from the base so “loomers” can transport and share, as well as have easy access to bracelets at the bottom. The base also contains extra storage for loom bands, charms, clips, and other spare parts.

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 To win the the Loom Boom simply Tweet or IG @Heydoyou a picture of all your bracelets you have!

Good luck!



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